Kochi, February 26, 2024 – Aster Hospitals is poised to strengthen its position as Kerala’s premier healthcare provider with the announcement of significant expansion plans. With a commitment to offering commendable medical excellence, Aster Hospitals is set to increase its bed capacity to over 3000 beds within the next two years, cementing its status as the largest hospital network in Kerala and India’s premier complete destination care. A total investment of 1000 crores will be directed towards these expansion endeavors in Kerala.

farhan yasin

The upcoming commissioning of Aster Hospital in Kasarkod in 2025 with 350 beds and Aster Capital in Trivandrum in 2026 with 500 beds will mark key milestones in this expansive journey. These additions, along with the incorporation of 100 beds in Aster Medcity and Aster MIMS in Kannur, Calicut, and Kottakkal each, underscore Aster Hospitals’ dedication to meeting the growing healthcare needs of the region.

Noteworthy is the creation of 5000 new jobs, by a hospital network in Kerala alone, marking a substantial contribution to India’s employment landscape, particularly crucial amidst concerns of brain drain and migration from India. Presently, Aster Hospitals in Kerala employ a total of 15000 individuals across various positions. Additionally, Aster Hospitals’ initiative to extend its reach to all districts of Kerala ensures comprehensive healthcare coverage, including services such as digital healthcare, home care, Aster Labs, and Aster Pharmacy. As of now, the hospital has a combined total of 175 laboratories and 86 pharmacies. Over the next two years, there are plans to establish a grand total of 250 laboratories and pharmacies.

In alignment with its commitment to environmental responsibility, Each Aster hospital in Kerala will install solar plants for their energy needs, aiming to generate 80% of the electricity required for operations. The installation of these plants in each unit is scheduled to be completed by the last week of May this year. This marks the first instance in Kerala where a hospital is generating solar energy for its own consumption.

“We’re actively working on expanding Aster Hospital’s initiatives to different regions across Kerala, ensuring high-quality healthcare services are easily accessible for everyone in need,” said Farhaan Yasin, Vice President of Aster India.“Based on Aster Hospital’s experience, Kerala proves to be a conducive environment for investments.” He added. He also highlighted the ongoing efforts such as the establishment of a dedicated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation block within Aster Medcity’s campus to cater to specialized patient needs.

Aster Hospitals’ achievements extend beyond its geographical boundaries, with notable collaborations such as the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Aster Medcity and NHS Humber and North Yorkshire. This partnership aims to enhance workforce training and academic excellence, offering opportunities for trainees to be directly recruited to specific NHS hospitals, bypassing the need for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB). Aster Hospitals expertise extends beyond its walls, providing integrated services of its various departments to 15 different hospitals with three emergency department operations. It will be expanded to more hospitals in the coming years.

“Notably, Aster Hospitals, especially Aster Medcity has played a key role in transforming Kochi into a thriving Medical Tourism Hub, attracting patients from various countries seeking advanced treatments. Aster hospitals accept all available insurances from around the world, ensuring accessibility to world-class healthcare services,” said Dhanya Syamalan, Head of Operations-Aster Medcity, Kochi.

As Aster Hospitals continues its journey of excellence and innovation, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide cutting-edge medical care and uphold its reputation as a beacon of hope for individuals facing health challenges worldwide.

In the near future, every district in Kerala will boast an Aster Hospital, supported by Aster Hospitals’ extended network. This comprehensive presence ensures that every corner of Kerala benefits from the varied services offered by Aster, including hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories.