Boutique Living Marks

19th April 2024, Mumbai: In celebration of Earth Day, Boutique Living is proud to introduce its latest offering: the Natural Earth Collection. This collection represents a new standard in luxury bedding, showcasing a range of non-sulfur-based, all-organic dyes that are as gentle on the planet as they are on your skin.

The Natural Earth Collection features dyes synthesized from non-edible agricultural and herbal industry waste, such as leaves and nutshells. One of the most striking features of the Natural Earth Collection is its unique aesthetic.

Each hue in the “Natural Earth” collection is carefully crafted with fully traceable dyes – from natural waste material to the store. Causing zero threat to the environment, these Organic base fabrics are the future of the earth. The resultant fabrics have an effect that seems like a defect to most, while that is the desired look of natural earth dyes. Natural earth dyes resonate with the concept of organic earth, celebrating imperfect perfection.

Infused with six eclectic shades including White, Medium Cotton, Dark Oak, Dark Forest, and Medium and Dark stone, that are easy on the eye and kind to the planet. Responsibly green and delectably gorgeous, the “Natural Earth” range seems to offer the best of both worlds for eco-conscious buyers!