During the conversation with Uorfi, Trinetra shared a personal experience where a stranger approached, “I was sitting at a cafe, she (a stranger) came to me and she slipped me a chit like this and walked off. And I was like, okay, I opened it and like literally, she had written ‘Breast increase size pills?’. And I was so confused. I went up to her and I was like, what? And she was like, you know I’ve had two kids and my husband doesn’t like them and they’ve sort of become really flat and I really like want, you know, an increased size pills. And I was like, Oh My God! Where do I begin with telling you that this is normal and natural. You know, I am sometimes think, I can’t have kids, I’m not woman enough, but there are women out there who had children, who’ve done what society has expected of them as women, and yet, they still feel like they’re not enough. Because on some level there’s someone in their life making them feel less beautiful, or less attractive.

Uorfi comments, “It’s always the men, I hate men,” reflecting frustration on societal expectations, and how perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards are making women feel inadequate.