Sreejita De joins

Star Bharat’s ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ has kept the viewers hooked to their television screens with its screenplay and amazing twists and turns in the story. With a stellar star cast the show now welcomes the talented actress Sreejita De to its ensemble cast. Known for her versatile performances, Dey brings her captivating presence to the screen in her portrayal of the intriguing character, Chaya Dayan.

Sreejita De discusses her character Chaya Dayan, explaining, “I’ve previously portrayed a ‘chudail,’ but this marks my first time embodying a ‘dayan.’ I have a strong affinity for supernatural dramas due to the ability to fly and wield extraordinary powers they offer. My character is a formidable woman, exceptionally strong, and aged 200 years. Her power resides within her braid, a common motif in such tales. Her appearance exudes allure and seduction, amplifying her influence with her captivating beauty. This adds to her formidable prowess, making her exceptionally powerful.”

Expounding on the necessary preparations for portraying the character, she remarks, “To effectively portray a ‘dayan’ or ‘chudail’ in a supernatural show, thorough preparation is essential to instill believability and foster audience connection. This entails immersing myself fully in the character’s persona, facilitating a seamless connection with the audience. Given my appreciation for the empowering essence of supernatural roles, I was motivated to dedicate myself fully and deliver my utmost. Hence, extensive preparation was indeed integral to the process.”

The upcoming episode with showcase a daring act by Nikki in attempt to complete a task and that’s when she’ll face Chaya Dayan. It’ll be interesting to see Nikki and Chaya’s encounter.

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