New Delhi, 28th March 2024 – Ziyyara, a leading online tuition platform of personalized online tutoring, today announced its expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), aiming to empower 10,000 students with high-quality, accessible education. This strategic move caters to the growing demand for flexible and effective learning solutions in the UAE’s diverse educational landscape. Ziyyara’s unique platform will connect students with a global pool of experienced and qualified tutors, ensuring they receive customized instruction tailored to their specific learning needs and curriculum requirements.

“We are thrilled to bring Ziyyara’s one-on-one tutoring experience to students in the UAE,” said Ms. Kavita Sharma, Co-Founder of Ziyyara Education. “Our platform provides students with the freedom and customisation they need to succeed academically, meeting their changing needs in education today. With customised and personalised learning, flexibility in scheduling classes, and the option to choose a tutor of their own choice from our pool of tutors, every student can tailor their learning journey. Additionally, our seamless process allows for tutor changes without any hassle, and students can take classes anytime, anywhere, including a 30-minute free trial/demo class to experience our unique approach firsthand.”

Ziyyara recognizes the unique requirements of students in the UAE. The platform offers a variety of features designed to cater to this diverse population:

Given the variety of needs that students in the UAE have, Ziyyara provides a special combination of functions. Students have access to a worldwide network of certified teachers, including native English speakers and UAE natives, who can ensure that their curriculum (CBSE, Cambridge, IB, etc.) and cultural background are compatible. Ziyyara goes beyond a strict curriculum, letting students customize their education by focusing on test preparation, arranging their schedules, or getting continuous academic help. Additionally, the online setting of the platform eliminates commuting and offers scheduling flexibility, enabling students to learn efficiently in the midst of their hectic schedules.

Ziyyara is continually expanding its network of certified tutors to guarantee a flawless learning experience for its growing student base in the United Arab Emirates. This guarantees access to subject matter experts who can accommodate different learning preferences. Furthermore, Ziyyara upholds a stringent hiring procedure that includes background checks and eligibility standards, ensuring that all teachers provide top-notch online education.

Ziyyara’s expansion into the UAE marks a significant step forward in its mission to make personalized education accessible to all. The company is committed to leveraging technological advancements to create a future-proof learning platform that empowers students to thrive in the digital age.