THSC and G.D

New Delhi — The Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the esteemed School of Hospitality and Tourism at G.D Goenka University. This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating skill courses within Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma programs, fostering a dynamic partnership that aims to narrow the gap between industry requirements and academic offerings. The initiative is in alignment with the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy.

On the collaboration, Mr. Rajan Bahadur, CEO of THSC, said, “We are delighted to join hands with G.D Goenka University to embed skill components into academic programs. This initiative holds the potential to revolutionize education in the hospitality and tourism sector by providing students with practical skills that directly align with industry needs. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, we aim to create a workforce that is not only well-educated but also highly skilled, meeting the demands of the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality and tourism.”

As part of the partnership, THSC and G.D Goenka University will work together to design and implement skill-based courses that enrich the curriculum of Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma programs. This collaboration is poised to empower students with a holistic education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic fields of hospitality and tourism.

During his address to the students, Mr. Rajan Bahadur shed light on the transformative power of skilling education, emphasizing how it can positively impact the lives of youth. He discussed the vast opportunities that lie ahead in the hospitality and tourism sector, emphasizing the importance of acquiring practical skills that can set students apart in a competitive job market.

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both THSC and G.D Goenka University towards fostering excellence in education and preparing students for successful careers in the vibrant and ever-growing industries of hospitality and tourism.

THSC, established in 2014, is an apex body for vocational education & skill development in India focusing on Tourism & Hospitality. Since inception in 2014, THSC has enrolled over 1.5 million and successfully certified over a million youth. Having a network of 600+ Institutes, 100+ Colleges & 2000+ Industry Members, THSC’s vision is to create a robust industry-aligned skilling ecosystem to promote Tourism & Hospitality sector and meet its mission of impacting millions of beneficiaries to get respectable employment opportunities for serving customers’ needs.