Students at Orchids The International School

Orchids The International School, Dwarka 19, celebrated Mother’s Day in a unique and loving style this year. The school organized a special program to provide a platform for moms and children to bond through fun games and activities. Laughter and joy filled the air as moms and kids bonded over playful games on Mother’s Day at the school.

The program began with the Sanskrit Shlok and song for the invocation of God in the physical form of Mother. The program had a plethora of dance performances, poetries, skits and a variety of games and activities such as painting, DIY, skit, dancing and many more involving mothers and kids. The children and their moms were excited to spend quality time together.

“Orchids The International School has its own way to celebrate Mother’s Day and recognize the important role that mothers play in their children’s well-being. It’s always wonderful to see schools and communities come together to honor mothers and we took the opportunity to show appreciation for each other. It was also a great platform for the students to showcase their creativity and talent. We mothers had a wonderful time and felt loved and appreciated,” said Ms. Preeti, mother of Arshla Grade K2, Orchids the International School, Dwarka 19.

“The idea behind this programme was to create a special bond between the mothers and their children and help them connect over shared experiences,” said Ms. Rachna Juneja, Principal of Orchids The International School, Dwarka 19. “We wanted to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone to show our appreciation for all of the hard work and love that mothers give to their children.”