Bengaluru, 10th Nov 2023 – St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine in Grenada, the Caribbean, is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications from aspiring Indian medical students for its January 2024 intake.

The University offers rolling admissions for its January, April, and August intakes at its True Blue campus in Grenada, with different benefits depending on the admission period. In addition, SGU’s collaboration with Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne and the Ramaiah Group of Institutions in Bengaluru allows students to begin their journey to becoming a doctor in the UK or India in September 2024.

While starting medical school in January may seem unconventional, there are several advantages for students to consider:

  • Time Management:

As one of the few international medical schools offering January admission, it allows students who missed previous intakes to secure a spot without waiting an entire year to begin their medical education journey.

  • Intimate Learning Environment:

Students who enrol in January typically form a smaller cohort, allowing them to benefit from a more personalized learning experience due to a lower student-to-faculty ratio in lectures.

  • Early Start on Residency Matching:

Securing a medical residency is a crucial step towards becoming a doctor in the US. Students who begin medical school in January can begin this process earlier than their peers who begin in April or August, enabling them to get a head start in their medical education.

  • Preparation for Key Examinations:

Several important exams take place near the end of the second year of medical school. With the January intake, students have more time to fully prepare for these exams, increasing their chances of success.

David Anthonisz, Executive Director of International Student Recruitment at SGU, said, “St. George’s University School of Medicine is a global institution with multiple enrolment options. Our commitment to flexibility enables prospective students to begin their medical education as soon as possible while accommodating their various needs. Furthermore, it reflects the essence of International Education Month in January, celebrating the richness and diversity of worldwide educational opportunities.”

SGU is the largest source of physicians licensed in the US—more than any other medical school in the world* and remains committed to healthcare education, providing the training and tools needed for medical students to succeed.

Students interested in applying can find more information on the SGU website.