Bhopal, 15 December, 23: Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU) proudly announces its remarkable success at the 37th National Games held in Goa, where the university’s students showcased exceptional athletic prowess, securing an impressive total of 10 medals. This triumph not only reflects the individual excellence of RNTU athletes but also underscores the university’s unwavering commitment to nurturing champions.

Students representing Madhya Pradesh from Rabindranath Tagore University won 10 medals in six different and unique sports categories at the National Games. With a total of two Golds in Yachting by Shital Sendhav and Neha Thakur, one Gold in Judo by Himanshi Tokas, two Silvers in fencing by Shankar Pandey and Mohit Shrivas, one Silver in boxing by Malika More, two Bronze in rowing by Manisha Dangi and Jyoti Thakur, one Bronze in Taekwondo by Madhu Singh and one Bronze in Judo by Monika, the champions came back home in all their glory.

This achievement stands as a testament to the relentless dedication, hard work, and innate talent within the university. RNTU’s holistic approach to education extends beyond the classroom, emphasizing the importance of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and overall well-being. The success at the National Games marks a proud chapter for RNTU, showcasing the institution’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in all endeavors.

Dr. Vijay Singh, Registrar at Rabindranath Tagore University, expressed immense pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “The success at the 37th National Games signifies the exceptional talent and dedication of our students. RNTU is not just an academic institution; it is a community that values holistic development. We congratulate our athletes on their outstanding performance, which reflects the spirit of excellence we strive to instil in every aspect of university life.”

The Rabindranath Tagore University, established by the AISECT Group, is India’s first skill-based private university that seeks to impart quality education by focusing on developing the soft skills of its students as well as including a mandatory skill development course in every semester across all its formal degree programs. The university extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes and coaches for this resounding success. As Rabindranath Tagore University continues to foster a culture of excellence, this achievement reinforces its commitment to producing well-rounded individuals who excel not only in academia but also in every spectrum of life.