Noida International University

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 28th December 2023 Noida International University celebrated the triumphant conclusion of the second day of its much-anticipated event, ‘Zest 2023,’ which showcased the brilliance of prominent Bollywood music composers. The distinguished occasion saw the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bharadwaj, alongside Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. Prasanjit Kumar and Registrar Dr. Mukesh Parashar, bestowed honors upon leading figures in the Bollywood music industry. Together, they crafted memorable moments, underlining the University’s commitment to blending academia with cultural enrichment. The event underscored Noida International University’s dedication to providing a vibrant platform that bridges the worlds of education and entertainment.

‘Raviraa Bharadwaj,’ ‘Vicky – The Top Notch Gabru,’ ‘Antariksh,’ and many others captivated the audience with their melodious voices in this unique music extravaganza. After the felicitation of the singers and the actors by the university dignitaries, students enjoyed a splendid evening, swaying to the tunes that resonated through the venue.

The event witnessed a perfect balance of harmony and enthusiasm throughout various activities, including competitions like ‘Sa Re Ga Ma,’ ‘Cine Magic,’ and ‘Battle of the Bands.’ Students from different universities participated in these competitions, and the winners were honored by the Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Mrs. Sneha Mishra, Head of the Cultural Committee, expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming success of the Zest 2023 event. She commends the students for their enthusiastic participation, highlighting how the celebration of music has seamlessly fostered unity and ignited creativity among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Noida International University remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a platform for cultural exchange and artistic expression. Mrs. Mishra extends sincere appreciation to all involved, acknowledging their collective efforts in making Zest 2023 an extraordinary and memorable occasion that will resonate within the university community for years to come.