Mumbai,26th September 2023 NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) School of Business Management (SBM) announces admissions opening for its prestigious two-year, full-time MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is a General Management program tailored to empower students for successful careers in pharmaceutical and related sectors.

Since its inception in 2002, NMIMS’ MBA Pharmaceutical Management program has an exceptional 22-year track record of excellence, consistently lauded as the top choice for Pharmaceutical Management Education.

Our core mission is nurturing future industry leaders. Over two years, students engage in rigorous academics and hands-on fieldwork, including an eight-week summer internship with leading Pharmaceutical, Medical Communication, or Medical Devices Companies.

Every week, students immerse themselves in field experiences, interacting with Doctors, Patients, Retailers, Wholesalers, Medical Sales Representatives, and Area Sales Managers. The first year alone includes over 18 field projects, totalling 180+ hours of hands-on experience, complemented by 100+ hours of data analysis. NMIMS MBA Pharma distinguishes itself as a rare Indian program offering such immersive experiential learning, drawing parallels to the Wharton School of Business.

The NMIMS MBA in Pharmaceutical Management equips students with essential skills and knowledge to excel in domains spanning Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Market Research, Consultancy, IT Healthcare Verticals, Diagnostics, Medical Communication, Nutraceuticals, and allied healthcare sectors. Roles encompass Sales, Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management, Client Servicing, Business Development, International Marketing, and Operations. Our alumni hold diverse positions at various levels globally and in the domestic

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, reinforced by industry experts and dedicated faculty, ensures graduates are primed for success in the pharmaceutical industry. Institute-industry connections provide valuable insights from CEOs and HR Heads.Students acquire practical experience through club and cell management, and organizing campus events.

Twelve partnering companies offer awards, including gold and silver medals, presented during the Annual Award Ceremony, recognizing exceptional academic performance.Our Board of Studies, led by industry CEOs and Managing Directors, aligns course content with industry trends. Our pedagogy features lectures and case studies from Ivy League Schools. CEO and HR Forums facilitate direct interaction with industry leaders, offering valuable insights and inspiration.

Our 22-year legacy has a 100% track record for summer internships and final placements, with an average salary of Rs. 11.50 lakhs per annum and top offers exceeding Rs. 25 lakhs. Prominent recruiters include MNC and Indian companies from the top 100 companies in India.

Dr. Hari KumarIyer, Program Chairperson, NMIMS SBM, MBA (Pharmaceutical Management), expressed, “The NMIMS School of Business Management is committed to training future leaders for the pharmaceutical and allied industries. Our MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is a general management program offering a unique blend of academics and real-world exposure to ensure our graduates are well-prepared for meaningful careers in the sector. Our program includes core principles of management supported by pharma-specific requirements. Our students are also taught Prescription Data Analysis, which is probably a first for any management school. Thanks to our hands-on approach, practical training, and connections with industry leaders, we are arguably the country’s number one Pharmaceutical Management program well accepted and recognized by the industry.”