PAN India,,23rd August 2023: Next Education, an Ed-tech company in the K-12 education sector in India, has partnered with Life Vitae, an AI-driven career guidance company, and Hikvision, a global leader in machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies. Through these collaborations, Next Education aims to integrate advanced technology into its educational offerings to prepare students for the dynamic demands of the modern workforce.

The partnership with Life Vitae is a testimony to Next Education’s relentless efforts to embrace technological advancements to enrich the learning journey of its students. Life Vitae’s platform is renowned for utilizing AI to help students discover their strengths and make informed decisions about their career paths. By integrating this AI-driven career guidance tool into the Next Learning Platform, Next Education provides a holistic educational experience beyond traditional academics. This integration gives educators a more nuanced understanding of their students’ capabilities and aspirations, allowing them to tailor their teaching strategies to better support each student’s needs and goals. By combining Next Education’s comprehensive educational resources with Life Vitae’s AI-driven career guidance, the former will enhance the educational experience and prepare students for a rapidly evolving future.

The collaboration with Hikvision reaffirms Next Education’s commitment to embracing the latest technologies to offer innovative, secure, and data-driven educational solutions. Integrating Hikvision’s smart cameras into Next Education’s platform can significantly enhance the safety and security of the online learning environment. These advanced cameras, backed by AI and machine perception technologies, can help monitor and manage virtual classrooms, ensuring a secure and conducive learning space for students. This promotes discipline and aids in maintaining the quality of education delivered online.

Beas Dev Ralhan

Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, Next Education, said, “We are delighted to announce these groundbreaking partnerships that will revolutionize learning solutions for our students. Combining our comprehensive educational resources with Life Vitae’s AI-driven career guidance empowers students to make informed decisions about their futures. With Hikvision, Next Education is taking a major step towards creating a safer, smarter, and more personalized educational environment.”

Priya Sengupta, CEO, Life Vitae, said, ”As we embark on this groundbreaking partnership with Next Education, we are thrilled to bring our AI-driven career guidance to students, empowering them to discover their true potential and make informed decisions about their future careers. We will ensure that Next Education’s students are well-prepared to navigate the challenges of the modern world in their professional and personal lives.”

Richard Ni, Director-Academics, Hikvision, said, “Preparing the future workforce to perform better has been at the core of our vision. Hikvision’s big data technologies can enable Next Education to gather valuable insights about student engagement, performance, and learning patterns. This information can be leveraged to personalize the learning experience, tailor resources to meet individual student needs, and improve overall education.”