Please find the expert quote from Dr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, LPU:

The recent policy by the UGC opens up exciting opportunities for students seeking to explore different fields or switch institutions without wasting valuable time. By allowing biannual admissions, students have the flexibility to make informed decisions about their education and seamlessly transition to another program or institution after just six months. This not only empowers students to pursue their passions but also enhances their overall learning experience. Moreover, this policy benefits institutions by maximizing their enrollment capacity and efficiently utilizing their resources throughout the year. By catering to students with diverse schedules and preferences, institutes can attract a broader range of applicants, further solidifying their reputation as student-centric institutions dedicated to fostering individual growth and success.”

Dr.H.B.Raghavendra, Vice Chancellor, CMR University Bengaluru:

India embracing the global policy of admitting students twice a year is a good move to enhance the GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio). However, the complexity of state and central policy on education also impacts the success of this policy. Overall, this is a step towards bringing education to everyone and making it flexible to address social needs and opportunities.