Kanakia International School Attains 100% Pass percentage in IGCSE Board Exam

Kanakia International School Attains

Mumbai, 25th August 2023: Kanakia International School, a renowned name in the education sector, is basking in the glory of a remarkable achievement – achieving a perfect 100% pass rate in the recent IGCSE board examination. The school’s commitment to nurturing academic brilliance and fostering holistic growth has once again shone through.

Highlighting this accomplishment are two exceptional students, Aadhya Shetty and Pratham Mehta, who have etched their names in the records of the institution’s history. Aadhya and Pratham have achieved a flawless PUM score of 100 in Mathematics, an astounding achievement that reflects their profound dedication and grasp of the subject. Notably, their excellence extends beyond Mathematics, as Aadhya has secured a splendid aggregate score of 6 A* and 1 A, while Pratham has also demonstrated an exceptional performance with 6 A* and 1 A.

Adding to the jubilation is the fact that 61% of Kanakia International School’s students have achieved the prestigious A* and A grades in various subjects. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the institution’s unyielding commitment to providing an all-encompassing education that nurtures academic prowess, critical thinking, and personal growth.

In a statement beaming with pride, Principal Shuchi Shukla, Kanakia International School, Chembur said, “The resounding success of our students in the IGCSE board examinations is a true reflection of their diligence, the dedication of our faculty, and the nurturing environment that Kanakia International School offers. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Aadhya Shetty, Pratham Mehta, and all our students for their outstanding achievements.”

Kanakia International School’s triumph resonates with its mission to empower young minds to achieve excellence in academics and beyond. As a hub of learning and personal development, the school continues to inspire and support its students, setting the stage for bright futures.

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