Jindal Aluminium's Resonant

Bangalore, 19th August 2023 Jindal Aluminium, India’s largest aluminium extrusion company, celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with a spirit that reflected its deeply embedded values of togetherness, gratitude, and rich legacy.

Since its inception, Jindal Aluminium has seen India’s freedom as more than just an event; it is a profound tradition that draws strength from the solidarity and camaraderie of all that constitute the Jindal Aluminium family. What began in 1968 as a simple yet steadfast ceremony initiated by its founder Dr. S. R. Jindal, has now grown into a tradition followed by the dedicated workforce of Jindal Aluminium.

The ability of this annual congregation to transcend professional boundaries and unite individuals from all varied backgrounds inside the organisation has been its defining feature. This year, like in the previous decades, the Jindal Aluminium employees, from workers to its leadership team, gathered to express profound gratitude for the nation’s freedom.

The Jindal Public School’s national cadet students put on an impressive march that reflected deeply embedded values of discipline and patriotism. The band’s harmonising tunes accompanied them, creating a melody of unity. A friendly volleyball match and prize distribution followed it. Taking their legacy forward, the leadership took on the noble role of serving food to the workers, highlighting the view that leadership is most effective when it fosters a sense of brotherhood and shared purpose at the root.

Mr. Pragun Khaitan, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium expressing his thoughts on the occasion, said, “I have witnessed how each of the Jindal Aluminium family members, irrespective of their work role, joins together to celebrate the annual exercise of gratitude for our nation’s independence. Every year it allows me to connect with my people beyond professional boundaries.”

In an age when tradition frequently gives way to the waves of modernity, Jindal Aluminium’s unwavering commitment to conserving and propagating a legacy of togetherness is a testament to its time-honoured ideals. As the 77th Independence Day celebration concluded, it echoed the promise of a future in which the torch of togetherness will continue to light the way to growth and prosperity.