25th June 2024  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  Jewel Master Institute (JMI) has successfully concluded its recent ‘Certification in Jewelry Retail Course,’ empowering candidates with comprehensive skills essential for jewelry trading. The course, in collaboration with the Gem and Jewelry Sector Skill Council of India (GJSCI), has garnered significant acclaim for its thorough curriculum and practical approach.

Jewel Master Institute

Participants underwent rigorous training covering fundamental aspects of the trade, from understanding gold pricing mechanisms to executing sales and generating invoices. Additionally, they received essential insights into diamonds, gemstones, order management, goldsmith calculations, manufacturing processes, old gold exchange, stone weight assessments, margin calculations, and more.

The program emphasized hands-on learning, with candidates extensively practicing customer measurement techniques for various jewelry items such as rings, bangles, chains, and bracelets. Practical scenarios, including role-playing exercises on customer engagement and theft prevention, further enriched their learning experience.

Upon successful completion of practical sessions, viva, and written exams, all candidates were awarded certificates adorned with the logos of GJSCI and JMI, symbolizing their competence in the jewelry retail sector. The course, designed to be inclusive and affordable, attracted a diverse cohort, including enthusiastic young individuals seeking career opportunities in the thriving gems and jewelry industry.

Notably, several participants leveraged their newfound skills to register businesses under the Udyog Aadhar scheme, marking a significant step towards entrepreneurship in jewelry trading.

Alagu Chidambaram Muthiah, Founder of Jewel Master Institute, expressed his satisfaction with the program’s outcomes, particularly highlighting the emergence of entrepreneurs among the graduates. He remarked, “Training individuals who go on to become entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with our vision. The overwhelming interest in jewelry trading education reflects the broader goal of empowering women entrepreneurs, echoing the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister.”

Looking ahead, JMI plans to expand its impact by responding to increasing demand from jewelry associations and retail outlets for staff training under the Skill India scheme. This initiative aims to further elevate the standards of jewelry retail sales associates across the industry.

Talking to student Nahe Parekh Said, ‘I attended the jewelry retail course at the Jewel Master Institute, and it was an outstanding experience! Special thanks to our trainer, who made complex techniques easy to understand with their patience, expertise, and passion, leaving me well-equipped with new skills. I highly recommend the Jewel Master Institute for anyone interested in this field.’