Indian Institute of Art & Design

Mumbai, 10th November 2023: The Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) is proud to announce that Sreeram Jayaram, a student of the Communication Design department (2019-23), has achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the prestigious Animation Xpress ANN Award for the Best Student Film (Animation) in Mumbai.

Sreeram’s winning film, “The Day My Dad Arrives,” is a labour of love, meticulously constructed frame by frame using the traditional approach of hand-drawn animation. This 2D animated film tells the heartfelt story of a young boy who dreams of his father’s return. His father is a Gulf migrant worker, and the film revolves around the emotional journey marked by the boy’s anticipation and longing for his father’s return. The Major Design Project (MDP) was mentored under the guidance of Shaaz Ahmed (Professor, Communication Design) and provided Sreeram with a conducive learning environment and a comprehensive learning experience in which he demonstrated his creative, problem-solving abilities using storytelling as a medium and his nuanced understanding of design concepts, film language, and animation principles.

The Animation Express ANN Awards are a highly anticipated event in the Indian animation industry, celebrating outstanding achievements and innovations in animation. This awards ceremony unites a diverse range of talent, from students to esteemed professionals, highlighting excellence and the creative ingenuity driving India’s animation landscape.

Commenting on the announcement, Prof. Usha Nehru Patel, Director – Academics, IIAD said, “This award is a momentous achievement for Sreeram Jayaram, Animation Film Designer, the Communication Design department, and the entire IIAD community. It reinforces the institute’s commitment to providing students with a conducive environment for creative exploration and innovation.”

As the ANN Awards continue to spotlight exceptional talent and creativity in the Indian animation industry, IIAD’s innovative educational approach stands out as a catalyst for building a promising future for its students and the animation landscape of India.