IIM Kashipur Incubated

Delhi, 7th November 2023: EvolveX, an early-stage program founded by We Founder Circle that has been providing high-impact acceleration to early-revenue startups from various sectors has announced its recent investment in Himshakti, an innovative startup dedicated to transforming the lives of remote Himalayan villagers through sustainable agri-produce. By fostering connections with over 12,000 farmers, with a remarkable majority being women, this Uttarakhand-based startup is making headway in reviving economic prosperity at the grassroots level.

Founded by Harshit Sehdev, Himshakti grabbed the attention of investors during its participation in EvolveX’s Cohort 3, launched in April 2023. Himshakti secured funding of INR83 lakhs(USD 99.8K approx.) in their pre-seedround, with EvolveX as the lead investor and We Founder Circle as a co-investor.Additionally, VC fundssuch as Artha Venture Fund and Auxano, along with one of Uttarakhand’s leading construction companies VKJ Projects and marquee angel investors have also backed the startup in this round. The funds will be utilized for team expansion, sales&marketing, and the launch of new products. Himshakti’s ambitious roadmap includes establishing a commanding presence in over 1,000 premium stores across North India within the next three months.

Commenting on the investment, Bhawna Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of EvolveX, shared, “In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a palpable rise in the demand for healthier consumable alternatives. With this backdrop, the allure of pristine Himalayan agricultural products is unmatched. Himshakti’s offeringsalign perfectly with this growing consumer preference, providing a fitting solution to today’s health-conscious individuals. Particularly inspiring is Himshakti’s focus on women empowerment through itsconnections with over 12,000 women farmers. At EvolveX, we remain fully dedicated to supporting theirtransformative journey.”

Currently, incubated atIIM Kashipur and recognized by the Uttarakhand government, Himshakti is the first company in India to have launched India’s pink salt in partnership with Hindustan Salts Ltd & Sambhar Salts Ltd. The startup was handpicked by IIM Kashipur from a pool of 600+ startups under the RKVY Saksham scheme in 2019. This accolade provided Himshakti with a grant and a transformative two-month campus entrepreneurship training program.

Commenting on the investment,Harshit Sehdev,Founder, Himshakti stated,“Our vision at Himshakti is dedicated to establishing sustainable income avenues for remote Himalayan villagers and introducing the natural superfoods of the Himalayas to our consumers. This ambitious endeavor thrives on the support we receive, and I am profoundly grateful to EvolveX and WFC for nurturing our mission. Their commitment has ignited an extraordinary sense of enthusiasm and excitement within the Himshakti team and myself.”

The relentless efforts of Harshit Sehdev have earned him distinguished recognition, including Karmaveer Chakra (Bronze), Karmaveer Chakra (Silver), and KarmaveerPuruskar from the United Nations in partnership with the International Confederation of NGOs. Harshit also serves as a revered mentor for startups and a regular speaker at IIM, Kashipur, conducting workshops on emotional intelligence and rural development. Under his leadership, Himshakti’s overarching mission encompasses empowering Himalayan farmers with sustainable income sources while delivering the highest quality, wholesome, and nutritious food products to households across the nation.

EvolveX’s steadfast dedication to discovering and backing inventive startups like Himshakti stands as proof of its vital contribution to fostering India’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. Through its unwavering support and promotion of promising ventures, EvolveX is effectively opening avenues for revolutionary solutions across diverse industries.