HSNC University, Mumbai held its 2nd Convocation Ceremony at the Rama & Sundari Auditorium at K.C. College, Churchgate. The event witnessed the participation of over 302 students who were honoured for their academic achievements. The event was graced by Chief Guest Shri Ramesh Bais, the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra and Chancellor, HSNC University, who also delivered the convocation address. Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost, HSNC University; Dr. Hemlata K. Bagla, Vice Chancellor, HSNC University; Mr. Anil Harish, President, HSNC Board; Dr. Bhagwan Balani, Registrar, HSNC University were also present on the dais. Ms Maya Shahani, Mr. Kishu Mansukhani and Mr. Shyam Chellaram also attended the convocation ceremony. Gold medals were presented to 32 toppers drawn from 32 courses across the various disciplines. A total of 3706 candidates were conferred various degrees out of which 556 students were conferred post-graduate degrees.

Presenting a summary of the University’s achievements during the current academic year, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bagla said, “I am extremely happy to report to you that in such a short span of time, HSNC University has got a very high visibility and has been recognised as an institution that is involved in very high-quality teaching and research in diverse fields”.

While congratulating students, Dr. Bagla said “It is an exciting moment for those who are here to receive their degrees. Graduation is a major academic milestone. I am quite confident that during your stay on campus, you have learned many things both in the classroom and outside the classroom which will be useful in the future. The road ahead is long, but the journey promises to be exciting. I am sure that you will continue to work ethically and in a disciplined manner and will bring glory to yourself, your family and in turn to HSNC University as you will be ‘HSNCian’ throughout your life. Today’s convocation is not the end of your initiation, education, and hard work. Now you have to do a lot in your life, for society and the nation. You can achieve everything you dream of”.

“This convocation ceremony celebrates the hard work of our students. I am confident that our students will create a meaningful impact using the skills and values they have learned at HSNC University and contribute towards building an equitable and sustainable future for India and the world,” Dr. Hiranandani said.

Addressing the challenges faced by regional languages, the Governor expressed concern over the rising influence of English and underscored the need to protect and promote regional languages, encouraging the people to continue using and practising them.

“As a Governor, ambassadors and consuls of many countries come to meet me. Some of them are even aware of Hindi language. I gathered from them that Hindi language departments are functioning in universities across many countries. Unfortunately, we are indifferent to our mother tongue. Many people hesitate to speak in Hindi and insist on speaking in English. This is unfortunate,” Shri Bais said.

He affirmed that language is the soul of any nation and society, through which the country communicates and expresses its feelings. Progress in the present era requires updated knowledge of technical, scientific, professional, and various subjects. For this, high-quality writing in Indian languages as well as translation has to be encouraged. It acts as a catalyst for inclusive development. Hence, everyone should voluntarily give priority to the mother tongue, Shri Bais urged during his speech which was infused with motivation and encouragement.

Shri Bais also shared that the State Government is keen to start an initiative to translate and make available medical and engineering books in Indian languages such as Marathi, and Hindi; in alignment with the guidelines coded in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

A detailed report on the efforts undertaken, awareness workshops held, and activities conducted by HSNC University to campaign for the dissemination of information about the benefits of flexibilities offered in higher education through NEP2020, under the mentorship of Dr. Bagla, was also unveiled on the occasion.

Mr. Anil Harish congratulated the students and said “Today was the second Convocation Ceremony of a new University, but backed by three-quarters of a century of trail-blazing activity. HSNC University is poised to grow and to attain greater heights!”.

In its journey of just 4 years, HSNC University has established itself as one of the premier universities in the country with its unique approach to education. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach and empowering students with experiential learning, HSNC University fosters a broad understanding of the world, enabling them to create innovative solutions sought after by various industries.