Galgotias University

Uttar Pradesh,9th October 2023 Galgotias University, an institution of higher education, has emerged as a focal point of interest and collaboration during its participation in the 33rd Annual Conference of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) held at Rotterdam, Netherlands.

At the India Pavilion of the recent EAIE event, which brought together universities from across the globe, Galgotias University took centre stage. More than 50 prestigious universities from Denmark, Turkey, France, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, and various countries in Latin America have expressed enthusiastic interest in partnering with Galgotias University on initiatives encompassing joint degree programs, twinning partnerships, student exchange programs, and research collaborations. Representatives from these esteemed institutions are scheduled to visit the Galgotias University campus in the forthcoming months to nurture these collaborations.

Dhruv Galgotis, CEO of Galgotias University, shared “Participation in the 33rd Annual Conference of EAIE is a testament to our dedication to global education standards and our commitment to providing world-class opportunities to our students. This conference presents a valuable platform for us to exchange ideas, explore new collaborations, and showcase our contributions to the international education community.”

Galgotias University is not only making waves and setting new benchmarks in Indian higher education but is also making a significant impact with its pioneering pedagogical advancements, research and innovation focus, and steadfast commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. This unique approach has attracted universities worldwide to join hands and collaborate.

The recognition extended to Galgotias University during the event was further underscored when Mrs. Reenat Sandhu, Ambassador to the Netherlands, expressed her deep admiration for the institution’s achievements and approach, presenting it with a well-deserved certificate of appreciation. This acknowledgment underscores Galgotias University’s unwavering dedication to global education and its commitment to forging meaningful partnerships on the international stage.

During the conference, Galgotias University shared its valuable insights and experiences in international education. With a dedicated focus on innovation, cross-cultural learning, and academic excellence, the university has played a pivotal role in preparing students for a globalised world. The institution is enthusiastic about engaging with educators, institutions, and experts from around the world to further enrich its international programs and initiatives.

The 33rd Annual Conference of EAIE proved to be a vibrant hub of knowledge and collaboration, attracting attendees from diverse backgrounds, including universities, colleges, and educational organizations. Galgotias University looks forward to actively contributing to meaningful discussions and forging new partnerships that will advance the cause of international education.