Fateh Education

New Delhi,13th October 2023 Leading Indian Study Abroad Consultant – Fateh Education opened a new office space today aimed at enriching the student counseling services in East Patel Nagar, Delhi.

Fateh Education has created a unique office environment that aims to make counseling feel more like a chat with a friend by drawing on important lessons learned from the pandemic. The new office setting removes any boundaries between students and their parents and the counselors at Fateh, putting everyone at ease psychologically.

Talking about the impact physical spaces have during counselling, Suneet Singh Kochar, Co-founder, and CEO, Fateh Education said, “I’ve always thought that when you speak to someone across the table in a formal atmosphere, you are intellectually limited in how much of your personal life and troubles you can discuss. This is a barrier to effective counselling since it is essential for counsellors to have a comprehensive understanding of the students and their socio-economic conditions if they are to assist the students in making informed decision. The students must be able, to be honest about their hopes, expectations, and objectives. The new office we opened today seeks to provide a physical place and atmosphere that makes students and their parents comfortable and allows for fruitful interactions and efficient, individualised counselling.”

Being an interior designer by qualification, Ms Binti Kochar, Co-founder, Fateh Education explained the thought about the design of the new office, “I was determined to address the psychological components of counselling and decision-making while designing the new office space. I believe that the hardest challenge for a counsellor is to have a genuine conversation in the presence of environmental cues that can cause inhibitions and distractions. I’m pleased that we were able to create a setting that doesn’t monopolise discourse, rather enhances it – thereby having a beneficial effect on the counselling process. Peer contact was another crucial aspect we considered while designing the office space. Based on our experience, we have noticed that casual interactions with people in similar age group, helps in improving the decision-making process. As a result, we developed ‘break-out spaces’ where students may engage with one another. The additional benefit is that students frequently form friendships during these casual interactions, which gives them a ready support network when they go to study abroad.”

Speaking about the new space and his/her experience with Fateh Education, Mr. Sachin Sachdev, Founder, VYOM said, “In conceptualizing the new interiors for Fateh Education, the foster team didn’t just design an office; but an experience inspired by the soul of Fateh Education; ‘Conquer your dreams’. The interiors are a thoughtful blend of functional and collaborative workspaces that foster open dialogue and shared learning. The design dismantles the formal barriers often associated with counselling rooms to create spaces that put everyone at ease, facilitating deeper, more meaningful conversations. The ‘break-out spaces’ are not just an architectural feature, but a thriving zone for peer interactions, enriching the decision-making process and even birthing new friendships. In essence, the office space is a harmonious ecosystem where dreams are discussed, decisions are made, and futures are shaped—all facilitated by a design that understands the complexities of human interaction in a rapidly evolving world.”

Since its establishment in 2004, Fateh Education has been providing personalized international higher education consulting services, guiding over 35,000 students to conquer their dreams. The organization boasts of more than 120 university partnerships, eight offices across India, and prestigious accolades such as “The Best Consultant award” from Enterprise Ireland for four consecutive years. Fateh Education’s vision is not only to lead but also to be the trusted companion for aspiring learners.