Kolkata, 1st June 2024: École Intuit Lab, a reputed design school from Paris, in partnership with Techno India University, commenced its annual student exhibition, showcasing the extraordinary creations of its talented students. Situated in the heart of Sector V, Kolkata, this state-of-the-art campus marks École Intuit Lab’s second campus in India and is currently in its fourth year.

The exhibition named “UNIT” is a spectacular display of innovation and creativity. Each year, students are encouraged to explore and present an original theme for the exhibition, pushing the boundaries of design and artistry. This year’s theme, “Multiverse,” invites attendees to journey through a myriad of dimensions and alternate realities, offering a unique perspective on the limitless potential of design.

“The students of École Intuit Lab, Kolkata in partnership with Techno India University have a truly unique method of showcasing their creations at the end of their academic year. While most exhibitions are about art pieces, this one allows the students to create conceptual physical installations to make the entire experience all the more immersive for the viewer. Each year the students decide on a specific theme, which is then brought to light through their art installations. This year they’ve decided to dabble with the idea of “multiverses” by making each gallery/room about a specific type of universe. If anyone has watched some of the Marvel films or even “Into the Spider-Verse” will know what this means when it comes to artistic expression. I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to this one-of-a-kind showcase,” saidMr. Ishan Ray, Head of Academics, Ecole Intuit Labx Techno India University, Kolkata.

Since its inception, the partnership between École Intuit Lab and Techno India University has been committed to providing a world-class education in design, fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and professional excellence. The Kolkata campus, with its cutting-edge facilities and dynamic academic programs, has quickly become a hub for aspiring designers in India.

“The Annual Student Exhibition is a platform created to showcase the incredible talent of our students. Their work reflects the high standards of education and the collaborative spirit of our institutions. We look forward to welcoming guests to experience the ‘Multiverse’ and witness the future of design,” said Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-chancellor, Techno India University.

The exhibition features a diverse range of projects, including graphic design, digital art, visual communication, and more. It is an excellent opportunity for students to present their work to industry professionals, peers, and the public, gaining valuable feedback and exposure. The exhibition which started today will be on for a week from 10 am to 4 pm.