DPS Raj Nagar

29th February 2024: DPS Raj Nagar Extension organised a comprehensive SETU-100 workshop focusing on teacher skill development. The workshop aimed to equip educators with innovative teaching methodologies and enhance their proficiency across various genres, including AI, Coding, Design and innovation, and VR/Augmented reality, catering to students from classes VI to XII.

During the session, participants were introduced to the SETU-100 platform, a pioneering initiative offering a wide range of online and offline courses. The collaboration between SETU-100 and NSDC was highlighted, emphasising the credibility and relevance of the courses offered. The workshop underscored the significance of skill development in today’s fast-paced world, emphasising the role of educators in preparing students for the future.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ms. Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal of DPS Raj Nagar Extension, stated, “We are committed to providing our teachers with opportunities for continuous growth and development. The SETU-100 workshop was a valuable experience, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of technology and the importance of integrating skill development into our educational practices. Teachers left the session with a deeper understanding of innovative teaching methodologies and the tools necessary to adapt to the evolving educational landscape. We shall host similar events in future as well for a collaborative growth environment.”