Director Utkarsh

BANGALORE, INDIA — (29th January 2024) Celebrated Indian Film Director and Actor, Utkarsh K. Nemade, recently concluded a transformative cinematic journey in his homeland, alongside his new colleagues from Srishti Manipal Institute, Bangalore. The collaborative adventure began at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) and culminated with a visit to Mumbai’s film studios, creating a tapestry of cinematic experiences.

For the past three days, Director Utkarsh K. Nemade and the students from Srishti Manipal Institute were immersed in the vibrant cultural tapestry of PIFF in Pune. Engaging with fellow filmmakers, industry leaders, and film enthusiasts, their presence brought an added layer of brilliance to the festival, sparking insightful conversations on the future of Indian cinema.

Following their enriching experience at PIFF, the entourage, led by Director Utkarsh K. Nemade, embarked on a cinematic exploration in Mumbai. Venturing into the inner workings of film production studios, the team gained firsthand insights into the creative process. Connecting with professional film crews, they fostered collaborations and exchanged ideas, transcending regional boundaries in the true spirit of artistic collaboration.

Yesterday marked the triumphant return of Director Utkarsh K. Nemade and the Srishti Manipal Institute team to Bangalore, concluding their cinematic sojourn. The journey, marked by passion and creativity, not only showcased the commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling but also highlighted the collaborative spirit that fuels the Indian film industry.