MRG School Hosts Lively Teej Mahotsav

MRG School embraced the festive spirit of Teej Mahotsav with great enthusiasm and fervour. The school’s lush campus came alive as it hosted a lively celebration of Teej Mahotsav with an array of engaging activities that brought parents, students, and educators together for a memorable day of festivities. The MRG School campus was filled with colour and vibrancy as parents and students indulged in the joyous occasion.

The event featured a diverse range of stalls, showcasing delectable food, trendy apparel, exciting games, and exquisite handlooms. One of the unique highlights was the stall by ‘Cambridge Learners’, where students made soaps as a part of their learning activity, which were further sold to parents. The Teej Mahotsav witnessed an impressive footfall of 1200 visitors, including parents and their enthusiastic children.

Ms. Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, expressed her delight, saying, “Teej Mahotsav holds a special place in our hearts as it encapsulates the spirit of togetherness and celebration of the most beautiful season, Monsoon. Witnessing our school premises adorned with happiness, laughter, and cultural vibrancy was heartwarming. Events like these strengthen the bond between parents, students, and educators and provide a wonderful opportunity for experiential learning and creative exploration.”

MRG School’s Teej Mahotsav celebrated the advent of the monsoon season and underscored the importance of family unity, cultural heritage, and the joy of learning in a festive atmosphere.