byteXL and Parul University

Hyderabad, 29th September 2023: byteXL – one of the leading IT skilling partners for Engineering Colleges in India, and Parul University, a leading educational university from Vadodara (Gujarat) have announced the launch of a new course – B.Tech Computer Science. The newly launched course, spread over 4 years, integrates the latest industry insights and practices, facilitated by byteXL’s collaboration with Microsoft. This course is aimed at equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of core computer science concepts, practical skills in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and the ability to solve real-world problems in various domains. This will assist in raising students’ Employability Quotient and making them more relevant for hiring by technology companies. byteXL has specially created an ‘Industry-Relevant Curriculum’ for students opting for this course through a combination of Parul University’s academic faculty’s expertise with the insights and guidance provided by Microsoft. The curriculum now encompasses the latest advancements in computer science, including emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Software Engineering.

This new course is part of an MoU signed between byteXL and Parul University wherein both the edtech platform and the university aim at sharing core competencies and resources. byteXL is fostering existing skills and helping develop new skill sets in accordance with the fast-paced evolution of coding. Collaboration with Microsoft is also a booster in the course launch as byteXL’s vision is to integrate the latest industry insights, equip students with a comprehensive understanding of core computer science concepts, practical skills in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and the ability to solve real-world problems in various domains. Practical skills development will be offered through project-based learning to assist students in developing hands-on skills highly sought after by employers. Industry mentorship and guest lectures from Microsoft professionals will provide mentorship to students in understanding real-world applications and gaining insights into industry trends, challenges, and best practices.

Commenting on the new course launch, Mr. Sricharan Tadepalli, Co-Founder & CSO, byteXL said, “As a part of our vision to transform engineering education in the country with industry-relevant curriculum, this new course offered in collaboration with Parul University will ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the evolving needs of the technology sector. We envision changing the placement landscape and the general academic and training quality for the students. We are sure this course with Parul University is a step in the right direction to bridge the industry skill gap.”

“We at Parul University have been quite keen on developing highly relevant curriculums for our students. We are glad that now with byteXL, the students have an upskilling platform right at the university, so they can stay updated with the latest industry trends. As a university, we will provide all the facilities, infrastructure, knowledge, and support system to back their training as well. I am sure this collaboration and this course introduction will open new avenues for our students,” said Mr. Santosh Nair – Managing Director, Industry Collaborations & Academic Strategies, at Parul University.

Under the new course, students will also get quality internships and career placement support facilitated by byteXL. Career placement support services will also be provided through campus recruitment drives, resume-building workshops, networking events, etc.

byteXL, with expertise in the edtech space also recently signed an MoU with AICTE and will be part of the Government’s advisory board discussing and recommending solutions in tech skilling. Having partnered with 100+ colleges across 7 states in India to skill 1.2 lac students, the company has a strong connection with the colleges on-ground across tier I, II, and III cities and has a strong grasp of the college’s individual needs and necessities. The company will also share its suggestions on updating the curriculum development and on inculcating courses attuned to the needs of the Tech Industry. byteXL is currently also working with 22 colleges under its Campus Transformation initiative wherein it is working towards operational excellence, curriculum transformation, better placements, and other allied services to enhance the quality of education and overall experience for the students, management, faculty, and recruiters at these colleges.