6th July 2024  Pune, Maharashtra, India  Bajaj Markets help students fulfil their academic aspirations by facilitating access to education loans of up to Rs. 60 Lakhs. This ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the academic ambitions of talented individuals in India.

Fulfill Educational Aspirations with Loans Available on Bajaj Markets

The education loans available on Bajaj Markets come with attractive features and benefits. These include:

  • High loan amount of up to Rs. 60 Lakhs
  • Low interest rates starting from 11.50% p.a.
  • Up to 100% funding for tuition fees and other expenses
  • Available for domestic and international degrees
  • Flexible tenure of up to 15 years

Choice from leading education loan providers like Propelld and InCred Finance

Getting an education loan on Bajaj Markets comes with its set of advantages. These include:

  • Rapid Processing: Applications are reviewed and verified within minutes through an online process, ensuring quick responses
  • Quick Disbursal: If approved, the loan amount can be credited to the bank account without delay, facilitating timely access to funds
  • Minimal Documentation: The digital documentation process simplifies the application process, making it convenient for students
  • No Hidden Charges: Bajaj Markets guarantees zero hidden charges and complete transparency, providing peace of mind to borrowers

Applying for an education loan on Bajaj Markets is a simple and convenient process. The 100% digital application process and minimal documentation requirements make it easy to apply for a loan in minutes.

For students who recently cleared their class 12th examination, education loans can be a viable option. One can opt for their desired course in some of the leading educational institutes of India, without worrying about the tuition fee. They can even pursue an international degree and pay for the study material, course fees, and other expenses with the loan amount.

One can also check other financial products and services available on the platform. Individuals can apply for a loan, credit card, or investment options conveniently, through the Bajaj Markets website or app.