Mumbai,9th October 2023  Conceptualising the fusion of fashion, architecture, and technology into a cohesive textile installation, Minal Gala, a design student from Istituto Marangoni Mumbai, joined forces with the innovative Architecture studio Morphlab to present ‘Threads of Life.’ This captivating installation came to life within the inspiring setting of MorphLab in Mumbai.

The theory behind this installation was to display the odyssey of the magnificent, microscopic narrative that starts through the integration of the ovary and the sperm and eventually evolves into the creation of the wonderful voyage of life. This microscopic yet momentous event weaves a narrative rich in complexity and significance. Life’s symphony unfolds, intertwining threads of challenges and triumphs. Amid this intricacy, a serene clarity emerges, akin to the calm after a storm. This artistic odyssey, expressed through weaving, macramé, crochet, and braiding, comes to life with the touch of wool and cotton. White, red, orange, and yellow hues breathe life into the full spectrum of human experience.

Talking about the installation and her journey in creating it, Minal says, “Gratitude flows to those who believed in my vision, from my mentors, Mevin, Manuela, Janet, and Camille; to the owner of MorphLab who gave me the space to generate this art piece, Sahil Jain. This project serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that life holds, reminding us that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s aspirations and that life, despite its ups and downs, is an exquisite journey enriched by remarkable experiences.”

Elaborating more on this installation Sahil Jain (Principal architect of Morphlab) states “Our studio space has evolved into a vibrant platform for art, where creativity knows no bounds. The installation seamlessly fuses with our product collection Nuolo, extending its essence into the realms of art. Minal’s creation serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities when design and art converge. Projection mapping by Floating canvas company adds another dimension to our vision, enriching the viewer’s experience with immersive storytelling.”