New Delhi 26th October 2023 – In a move set to revolutionize international education counseling, seasoned education veteran and board advisor to the American Education Board, Mr. Patriek Karayil, unveils ‘American Colleges’. This venture promises transparent, unbiased, and largely free student-focused guidance for those looking to expand their horizons in the United States and Canada.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the inception of “American Colleges” was influenced not only by Mr. Karayil’s firsthand experiences as an international student navigating the intricate corridors of the U.S. educational system but also through his observations as a seasoned educational professional, of the persistent and intensifying obstacles faced by many international students that catalysed his mission. The entity now has offices in Thrissur, Kerala, and also in Dubai U.A.E

Recognizing the lack of unbiased, clear, and reliable information available to students, Mr. Karayil realised that the education landscape was largely dominated by profit-oriented educational agents that prioritise commissions from universities over the genuine interests of students. This commercial nature led students down paths that may not have been best suited to their goals and aspirations.

Patriek Karayil,

Patriek Karayil, the man behind “American Colleges”, after his grade XII, became an alumnus of Arizona State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), carries a wealth of experience from his tenure as the Former Vice President for U.S. News Global Education. He was previously the CMO for Shorelight Education, CEO advisor for INTO Global, and CMO advisor to 2U. He has consulted and collaborated with over 50+ U.S. universities on their admissions and enrollment strategies. He is the board advisor to the American Education Board, and currently serves as President of American Colleges.

The core ethos of “American Colleges” revolves around its commitment to operate primarily as a not-for-profit entity, to level the playing field for every student aspiring to study abroad. The firm is steadfast in its resolve to offer primarily free resources while sidelining any vested interests, made evident by its decision to forgo university commissions or student counselling fees. The model ensures that the best interests of the student are at the heart of every decision, with no or minimal cost to the student if any.

“American Colleges is a reflection of my journey. It stands as a beacon for every aspiring student, ensuring they receive unbiased, clear, and holistic guidance in their quest to study in the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to place students at the forefront, provide unwavering support, and help sculpt a brighter future,” remarks Patriek Karayil.

Christine Krier, Managing Director of the American Education Board said “We are thrilled for our collaboration with American Colleges, and to educate and empower students”. Key Features of “American Colleges” include its not-for-profit status, provision of mostly free resources, affiliation with the American Education Board, unbiased advice without university commissions, his daily videos on youtube, personalised guidance through social, modestly priced masterclasses, and a firm commitment to integrity and student-centricity.

Through “American Colleges,” Mr. Karayil and his team urges parents and students aspiring to study in the U.S. and Canada to subscribe to their youtube channel offering insights into admissions processes, visa requirements, financial aid, and more. The firm’s strategic partnership with the American Education Board provides real-time insights into evolving university policies and visa regulations, ensuring students receive timely and accurate guidance.