A.B. Maheshwari Educational Trust

New Delhi, 11th July 2023 The A.B. Maheshwari Educational Trust, known for its unwavering commitment to empowering aspiring civil servants, commemorated the resounding success of UPSC aspirants at ‘Lakshya’, a 2-day felicitation ceremony held on July 8–9, 2023, in Central Delhi.

The event recognized and honored students who triumphed in the highly competitive and prestigious UPSC Exam from 2020 to 2023. It celebrated the indomitable spirit of the talented students who have proven that with determination, dedication, and support, dreams can be turned into reality.

With an illustrious gathering of distinguished dignitaries, including the revered Supreme Court Judge Shri JitendraKumarji Maheshwari, the felicitation ceremony became a momentous occasion that highlighted the Trust’s dedication to supporting youth in pursuing a career in the civil service and shaping a new future for them.

The event was also graced by the presence of Shri Pramod Chandra Mody, the Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha; Shri Anil Kumari Lahoti, the esteemed Chairman of the Railway Board; Dr ShrikantBaldi (IAS), Chairperson, HP RERA; Shri Vipin Maheshwari, ADG, STF (MP) Shri Sanjay Jaju, Secretary, GOI (IAS); Shri Nand Kishore Karwa (Chairman, A B Maheshwari Educational Trust) besides other distinguished people. Overall, there were over 40 Civil and Judicial Services Officers who attended the event, along with eminent names from the society.

“We are immensely proud of these exemplary students who have defied the odds to emerge triumphant in the Civil Services Examination. Today was also about bringing together the entire ecosystem of our trustees, officers, and triumphant students and fostering a sense of unity and cohesiveness, which adds more weight to our impetus and further strengthens our commitment,” said Shri Nand Kishore Karwa, Chairman of the A. B. Maheshwari Educational Trust.

The A. B. Maheshwari Educational Trust has been steadfastly devoted to nurturing the aspirations ofdeserving students with unparalleled support and resources. They provide a platform for the ambitions of countless students to excel in the Indian administrative sphere through financial assistance programs, scholarships, extensive library resources, comfortable hostels, well-equipped seminar rooms, and more.

“We must shift our perspective from a focus on trade and business to prioritising education and services,” urged Shri Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari, a distinguished Judge from the Supreme Court of India. “It is imperative that we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to providing guidance and support to young aspirants, for it is only through this collective effort that we can triumphantly achieve our Lakshya. The dream we envisioned is now gradually materialising, but it is important that we remain cautious and not rest on our laurels.”

On the second day, a comprehensive session was held that spanned over two hours. Esteemed community leaders, accomplished officers, and recently honoured young officers such as Shri Deepak Karwa (IAS), Ms Radhika Baheti Gupta (IAS), Shri Pratik Mantri (IRS) and Shri Shantanu Malani (IRS) offered valuable insights and guidance. This interactive seminar took place with the active participation of over 60 students from Shri Jai ChandlalKarwa Maheshwari (JCKM) Hostel for Boys and AyodhyabaiJaichandlalKarwa Maheshwari (AJKM) Hostel for Girls.

Dr ShrikantjiBaldi (IAS), Chairman, RERA (HP). “While we have embarked on the right path, there is still much more that needs to bedone to drive progressive change. Our collective ‘lakshya’ of nurturing and producing 100 officers can be achieved through the transformative power of education. It is crucial that we invest in education, ensuring that every child receives a quality education. With even just a little support from the community, we can make this aspiration a reality.”

The session commenced with an initial briefing followed by a stimulating Q&A round that revolved around crucial aspects of preparation, the rigour involved, and the essential dos and don’ts for success in the UPSC examination. It ended with a focused breakout discussion to address specific queries and concerns.

The primary objective of the seminar was to foster collaboration among the esteemed officers and aspiring candidates and achieve the ambitious goal of nurturing 100 officers by the year 2030. Over the past four years, the trust has established itself as a beacon of hope for countless aspirants. Through events like Lakshya, it builds momentum by bringing the community together, making the session a springboard that propels trust towards their “Lakshya—100 officers by 2030.