50 Dual Desks donated worth Rs 1.85 lakh to MPPS Govt School at Vattinagulapally. Seen in the pic are Sumanth, RenukaHyderabad, March 08, 2023…. Secunderabad Round Table 33 and SLC 17 (Secunderabad Ladies Circle) wings of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India, donated 50 school dual desks worth rupees one lakh eighty five thousand on Monday to MPPS (Mandal Praja Parishad School), Vattinagulapally in Golconda Mandal, in Hyderabad. These dual desks were provided with the financial assistance of NRI Vasavi Association, the USA.

Secunderabad Round Table 33(SRT 33) a part of Round Table India, represented by its Chairman Suman Vemuri; SLC 17 of Ladies Circle India Chairperson Mamta and its Secretary Bhavana and Shisham Sabharwal, National Secretary, Ladies Circle India formally handed over the benches to the school headmistress Ms. Avasti Renuka Devi and to the school.

In a press statement issued in the city today, Round Tabler Suman said dual desks are a basic need and provide comfortable to students. He asked students to study well and come up in life.

Shisham Sabharwal said the time spent in school lays a strong foundation. If the foundation is strong, the future will also be strong.

Ms. Mamta added that they were always ready and willing to develop infrastructure in government schools. Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens. She asked students to study will, secure good job and reciprocate by way of helping less fortunate.

Bhavana urged students to keep the desk neat and pass on to future students so that they will also make use of them.

Headmistress Renuka Devi thanked of NRI Vasavi Association, Secunderabad Round Table 33 and Secunderabad Ladies Circle-17. for coming forward to help the school. She put forth a request, to construct two classrooms. Because of the lack of them, some classrooms are being from administrative office.

The shcool has 1st to 5th classes and has 130 strength. Children Vanipriya, Nandkishore and Ajay spoke and thanked the three different organisations who made these desks possible.