Mumbai,6th December 2023  Audio series platform Pocket FM recently organised a writers’ meet-up with three talented and emerging writers from the platform – Moni Singh, Jhanvi Soni and Kavya Sharma. The writers, in a candid conversation, shared their transformative journey stories, which started from them being mere listeners or readers with writing aspirations to becoming established with an identity of their own.

Pocket FM, for them, is not just a platform to showcase their writing talent, it has evolved as a stepping stone towards achieving financial independence, attaining a strong fan following with millions of listeners and readers, and, most importantly, a sense of validation, pride and respect.

Moni Singh shared, “My journey has been full of growth and pride. I am the first writer in my family, which is a very proud achievement for me. With my creation now reaching millions across the world, it has given me recognition and elevated my social life. My friends and families now share my success frequently by sharing my stories in their network, which sometimes make me feel like a celebrity.”

An elated Jhanvi Soni said while sharing an emotional anecdote, “Recently, my mother was searching for my name on the internet to show off to a relative, and it was a moment of pride and achievement for her when my name appeared as a writer. It was a moment where I felt that I had made my parents proud of my professional achievement. I am indebted to Pocket FM for not only providing financial independence but also instilling a sense of pride that brought joy to my family.”

An overwhelmed Kavya Sharma said, “Like many, the pandemic did not spare me as well. I was bedridden for 6 months, but Pocket FM turned out to be the hope in the darkness. It kept me motivated to continue as a writer and empowered me financially. Today I am grateful to Pocket FM for having given me not only an identity of my own but also bringing financial stability in my life.”

Moni, Jhanvi, and Kavya are living proof that with dedication and the right platform, budding writers can transform their dreams into reality. Their success stories are bound to inspire every aspiring writer in the country who is looking to create an identity and niche of their own as a writer.

Pocket FM has set the stage and continues its mission to discover and nurture talent from the deepest corners of the country to help writers transform their dreams into reality. The platform is an open stage and writers can join by clicking here or by visiting