Workshop on Indian Tunnel

Kolkata, 24th April 2024: The Department of Civil Engineering at Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management a JIS Group Educational Initiative, in collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards- Kolkata Branch Office-II, organised a two-day workshop on “Indian Standards in Tunnel Construction: A Workshop for Engineering Excellence.” The event, held on April 20-21, 2024, garnered significant attention from the engineering community, attracting over 120 students from esteemed institutions across the region. The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry experts and budding engineers, emphasizing the crucial role of tunnel construction in modern infrastructure development. Distinguished speakers, including Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar from TAIym, Mr. Manab Kumar Sinha from AECOM, and Mr. K. K. Paul from BIS KKBO-II, shared invaluable insights into the significance of adhering to Indian standards in tunnel construction.

Tunnel construction plays a pivotal role in enhancing transportation routes, connectivity, and environmental sustainability. It also facilitates the development of underground spaces for various purposes, such as transportation, water management, and utility services. By emphasising adherence to Indian standards, the workshop highlighted the importance of ensuring safety, durability, and sustainability in tunnel construction projects, in line with global best practices. Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in lively discussions, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of innovative techniques and standards for engineering excellence in tunnel construction. The event provided a unique opportunity for students to interact with industry professionals, gain insights into emerging trends, and explore potential career paths in the field of civil engineering.

Speaking on this occasion, Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director JIS Group said, “JIS Group is delighted to have hosted such a successful workshop on Indian Standards in Tunnel Construction. The overwhelming response from participants underscores the growing importance of fostering collaboration between academia and industry to promote excellence in engineering practices.”