Pistachio Market Insights

Bengaluru, 28th November 2023— Wonderful® Pistachios, the world’s largest vertically integrated pistachio and almond grower and processor, with local operations in India as California Pistachios, partnered with the Nuts and Dry Fruit Council India to host the inaugural retail conference titled “Get Crackin’: Decoding the Potential of Pistachios” on November 24, 2023, at The Turf Renaissance Bengaluru Racecourse Hotel.

The conference aimed to bring together India’s leading modern trade retailers, e-commerce players, and Dryfruits and Nut (DF&N) brands to discuss and share insights on the global pistachio market, growth potential in India, consumer trends, product developments, nutrition, health benefits, and sustainable practices.

Distinguished leaders and category managers from both modern retail and e-commerce companies, along with leading Dry Fruits and Nuts branded players, participated with enthusiasm. Lieven Plets, Vice President, Industrial Sales, EMEIA, and Shail Pancholi, Lead Industrial Sales, India, from Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, affirmed the company’s commitment to the growing Indian market.

During the event, Lieven Plets commented, “We are thrilled to associate with the Nuts and Dry Fruit Council India for The Get Crackin’ retail conference. Pistachios have great cultural significance in the country for gifting. However, the aspiration for California Pistachios has steadily increased as people recognize nutritional benefits and consume them year-round, not just during the festive season. As the global leader in pistachios, we are excited to share our insights and foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives with leading organized players in India. We are committed to creating category awareness and contributing to the robust growth of pistachio consumption in India through our ongoing educational programmes talking about the benefits of pistachios.”

Mr. Gunjan Jain, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer – VKC Nuts Pvt. Ltd and President of Nuts and Dry Fruits Council India said, “Last year, India consumed over 60M pounds of pistachios, out of which 75-80% was imported from California. This indicates a steady increase in demand. We strongly believe that by providing consumers with the right information and building a strong distribution network, that ensures accessibility and availability, this healthy snacking alternative can become a part of people’s daily diets. We are optimistic about the growth potential of the overall DF&N category.”

In addition to insightful addresses by Plets and Pancholi, an engaging panel discussion with a diverse group of industry veterans such as Mr. Gunjan Jain, President of Nuts and Dry Fruits Council India, Mr. Raja M, National Category Head, BigBasket and renowned health coach, Ms. Simrun Chopra, Founder, Nourish With SIM was organized as part of the retail conference. The discussion focused on consumer trends that are influencing consumption patterns and purchase behaviors in the snacking, challenges, and opportunities within the pistachio market, including why pistachios should be incorporated into daily snacking as a good source of plant protein with all nine essential amino acids, fiber, and several micronutrients.