Women at the Forefront

New Delhi, 5th March 2024– Natureland Organics, a prominent figure in the organic food sector, is delighted to unveil a pioneering initiative for women nationwide this International Women’s Day. In a bid to empower women, Natureland Organics cordially invites women to collaborate with the brand as entrepreneurs, advocating its products and reaping financial benefits.

As we are gearing up to celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March 2024), Natureland Organics extends an invitation to women residing in metropolitan and tier 1 cities across India to join them in their crusade to champion organic living, uphold local farmers, and empower women to embrace healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. This initiative will also help women work in the comfort of their homes while reaping the financial benefits.

This initiative involves imparting comprehensive knowledge about all the Natureland Organics products and the benefits of organic food. Women participating in this program will be registered as entrepreneurs/influencers with Natureland Organics. They will be given a unique code allowing customers to get a flat 25% off on Natureland Organics website purchases.

The initiative aims to enable women to gain financial independence while contributing to society by promoting the benefits of organic food.

“The objective of this program is not only to make women financially independent but also to create awareness about the health benefits of organic food and support the development of farmers and organic farming practices,” said Ajeet Godara, co-founder and Director at Natureland Organics.


“We believe in the power of women to drive positive change in their communities, and this initiative is a testament to our commitment to empowerment and sustainability. Through leveraging their social networks, women have the opportunity to promote our brand and experience financial growth,” he added.

This program is tailored for homemakers and housewives seeking to re-enter the workforce. Those interested in participating should hold a degree, possess a strong social network, be willing to multitask, maintain an active social media presence, and demonstrate a passion for healthy eating. Natureland Organics aims to establish a community of empowered women committed to spreading the word and awareness about organic living.