Where Innovation Meets Care

New Delhi, 8th January 2024 FUJIFILM India, renowned for using innovation for the greater good, has come up with its heart-touching brand film, illustrating its “Where Innovation Meets Care” campaign which is the company’s dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative towards eradicating Tuberculosis (TB) in India.

With its groundbreaking CSR endeavor, FUJIFILM India extends its care to the remotest regions, touching lives and weaving stories of hope and transformation. Through an emotionally charged and impactful brand film, FUJIFILM India captures the essence of its CSR journey, unveiling the profound impact it has made on communities in the farthest reaches of the nation with its project implementation partner Apollo Tele Medicine Network Foundation.

Conceptualised by the brand team of FUJIFILM India basis their extensive field learnings, the ad film was coordinated by Hakuhodo Sync with the storyline, copywriting, and direction by Ranvir Kumar Suman from Seaface Films. The ad film is centered around an inspirational storyline of a doctor who is involved in public health and is leading the change in the farthest reaches of the nation. The screenplay is engrained with an in-depth script, inspiring music by Abhinav Kaushik and an impactful voiceover, perfectly blending with the moving visuals depicting the generous act of door-to-door TB screening. As a pioneer in advanced diagnostic imaging and healthcare services, FUJIFILM India’s inspiring CSR initiative substantiates the brand’s contribution in the field of healthcare as a prominent player which is playing a substantial role in uplifting the well-being of the citizens. The heart of this campaign is aligned with India’s mission of becoming TB-free by 2025, with FUJIFILM India’s latest endeavor focusing on supporting public health professionals with its ultra-portable X-ray technology which captures the essence of the campaign name “Where Innovation Meets Care”, reaching the farther regions of the country with innovation and amenities that can detect TB.

Touching upon the latest brand campaign, Mr. Koji Wada, the Managing Director of FUJIFILM India, said, “In pursuit of creating a positive societal impact, FUJIFILM India remains dedicated to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare services in the farthest corners of India. We envision leading the diagnostic imaging technology sector to drive an impactful change towards a TB-free India by 2025. The brand campaign is perfect amalgamation of FUJIFILM India’s Reach, Technology and Mission wherein the story has highlighted company’s dedication to provide accessible and advanced healthcare supported by heartfelt narratives of healthcare professionals and patients. The campaign aims at communicating the society about the efforts that we, as a healthcare company are putting for betterment of the society. We will always stand and remain at the forefront for #WhereInnovationMeetsCare.”

“This brand film is close to my heart because the inspiration came from the result of my extensive travel and field experience in Kutch & Banaskantha. Along with technology, in which we are already a pioneer, this ad film touches the aspect of the motivated young public health professionals who have a zeal to do something for community and drive the change. The making of this exhilarating ad film hasn’t been a smooth ride with every changing weather condition of Rann of Kutch that consumed at least 30 days of travel for me, from concept to the shoot. But the grandeur of this ad film has made it all worth the time, patience, and hard work. We shot extensively in Dholavira and the recently developed “Road to Heaven” which were very tough to shoot however our Fujifilm Fujinon Premista Cine lenses and the excellent production team made them look easy. I hope the film touches the hearts of public health professions and people at large since it is their story of resilience” – said Mr. Abhi Shekhar Singh, Vertical Head, Corporate Communications & CSR.

FUJIFILM India’s latest ad campaign is a stellar work of art joining the remote corners of the nation to mainstream healthcare. The brand film can be viewed on the Youtube channel and social media of FUJIFILM India.