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Thiruvananthapuram, 4th June 2024: Imagine a school where the cheerful voices of children were replaced by the silence of abandonment, where once-bustling classrooms stood empty, and the grounds lay in disrepair. This was the grim reality of Govt. U. P. School, Valiyathura in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, after it became a refuge for families devastated by the 2018 Ockhi disaster and relentless sea attacks. However, thanks to the remarkable collaboration between Technopark-based Acsia Technologies, a global leader in automotive software, and Kanal Innovations Charitable Trust, through their “Gift a Dream” initiative, this story has taken a hopeful turn.

On June 3rd, the school celebrated its inaugural ‘Praveshanolsavam,’ marking not just the first day of school but a triumphant revival. The event included the inauguration of a smart seminar hall and a mini library, along with the distribution of school kits to students, turning a symbol of despair into a beacon of hope and learning. Sakshi Mohan IAS, Assistant Collector, Thiruvananthapuram, handed over the key of the smart seminar hall to school officials. Jijimon Chandran, Founder and CEO of Acsia Technologies, distributed school kits to students, ensuring they start the academic year fully equipped and ready to learn.

“This is not just a building; it’s a place where our new wishes and dreams are formed. In this community hall, everyone can come together to celebrate their achievements and share ideas. The library will be a space where all can delve into the world of books and develop a lasting love for learning,” said Sakshi Mohan IAS, Assistant Collector, Thiruvananthapuram, while inaugurating the Praveshanolsavam. “This transformation would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Kanal and Acsia , to whom we extend our heartfelt gratitude,” she added.

Valiyathura Govt. U.P. School once served as a lifeline for families devastated by the 2018 Ockhi disaster and relentless sea attacks. Over five long years, nearly 120 families found refuge within its walls, transforming the school into a relief camp. Local residents, disheartened, had moved their children to other schools. The school, which once boasted over 200 students, had gradually lost its purpose as classrooms were abandoned and the grounds turned into a wasteland.

“From being a refugee camp to becoming a vibrant school again, Valiyathura Govt. U.P. School’s revival is inspiring and shows what community spirit and corporate social responsibility can achieve together. As part of our CSR initiative, Acsia is committed to supporting education and sustainability projects,” said Jijimon Chandran..

The number of students has surged from just 30 last year to nearly 100, breathing new life into the classrooms. Clearing the garbage heaps, remnants of the site being a relief camp, and reclaiming the school from the overgrown forest, Acsia and Kanal culminated their efforts in the creation of a smart seminar hall, a new children’s library, and provided school kits to every student, ensuring they start the academic year fully equipped and ready to learn. The transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“It is a story of resilience and hope. Seeing the abandoned school filled with students once again reaffirms our commitment to fostering educational opportunities and rebuilding lives,” said Adv. Anson P. D. Alexander, Director, Kanal..

Acsia and Kanal’s tireless efforts have not only restored a physical space but have also reignited the dreams and aspirations of countless children and their families.

Attendees of the program included Shajitha Nazar, Councillor of Vallakkadavu Ward; Biju Kumar, Headmaster of Govt. U.P. School, Valiyathura; Khyrunnisa A, renowned Indian author; as well as teachers, parents, and children who gathered to witness this remarkable transformation.