Mumbai 23rd December 2023 – Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service recently premiered its

coming-of-age drama, Dehati Ladke. The series follows the journey of Rajat, a simple boy hailing from a village named – Gonda, who embarks on a quest chasing his dreams in city of Lucknow. Based on a best-selling Hindi novel, the narrative takes viewers back to their college days, reminiscing good old times. Aasif Khan, who has portrayed the role of ‘Prashant Bhaiya’ talked about his journey as an actor and gave an insight about the show.

, Aasif Khan

Expressing how he wants to try an array of dynamic characters, Aasif Khan shared, “As an actor, I would say my journey has been surprising. And I’d genuinely be thrilled if things remain unchanged. Similar to my portrayal in Dehati Ladke, I aspire for the opportunities in this journey to vary and hold distinct meanings for each. Some of us feel lost and aren’t as fortunate as others to consistently seize these opportunities. We do not choose our projects, but they choose us instead. So, I’ve been very lucky so far as each project I’ve got has been very different from each other, very experimental, including Dehati Ladke.”

Adding to this, he further delved deeper into what made him inclined towards Dehati Ladke. He said, “The reason for that is this show is so well written, it is very honest and innocent yet is full of drama. We’re witnessing something extraordinary. That’s what made the show exceptionally stunning. The thing that attracted me the most about the show and Prashant Bhaiya.”

You can relive your college days with Dehati Ladke on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.