Waterfall Koi Pond

Hyderabad, 10th June 2024: The latest trend of building aesthetically designed ponds is gaining prominence among the upscale residences in the City. More and more villas are incorporating these elegant, visually appealing ponds, which add a sense of tranquility to their surroundings.

A pond in a villa offers numerous benefits that enhance the aesthetic, recreational, environmental, and valuation of the property. The picturesque landscape associated with a pond brings a sense of tranquility and harmony. The sound of a waterfall and the sight of the pond create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and stress relief after a hard day’s work. The water feature attracts birds, butterflies, and other fauna, creating ambiance closer to nature and providing opportunities for nature observation and photography. Additionally, ponds help moderate the local climate by cooling the air during hot weather and adding humidity. A well-maintained pond can also significantly increase the property’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

The fad among those wanting a pond in the backyard is the waterfall koi pond, a water garden with an integrated waterfall, designed specifically for rearing the ornamental and colorful koi fish. The waterfall element adds both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, such as natural aeration, water circulation, reduced algae growth, etc. Both the koi fish and waterfall enhance the overall ambiance of the garden and support a balanced ecosystem within the pond. Elements like rocks and stone pathways, marginal and aquatic plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, underwater lighting, filtration systems, and aerators implanted in the pond embellish the natural beauty, provide shade and help maintain the pond’s overall health and ecological balance.

According to Syed Fahad, founder and pond designer at Aqua StudioX, who is an acknowledged specialist in designing and maintaining ponds, creating and maintaining crystal clear natural ponds involves meticulous planning and execution, including proper filtration systems, regular maintenance, and careful selection of plants and fish. Using beneficial bacteria and natural clarifiers also helps maintain water clarity.

Syed Fahad, whose services are much sought by reputed architects for the finesse and creativity he brings in, says, strategically placed rocks and greenery enhance the pond’s natural look, provide hiding spots for fish, and contribute to the biological filtration system. They also help in maintaining water temperature and reducing erosion around the pond. Regarding efforts involved in maintaining a pond, he says, weekly tasks like skimming debris and trimming plants and monthly checks on water quality and filtration systems are essential. It is also critical to monitor water quality, signs of disease afflicting fish, algae growth in summer, and plant health.

Regarding the space required for a pond, he says it depends on the number and size of koi, as well as the desired aesthetic effect. Ideally, the size of the pond can range between 100 sq ft., with decorative feature to as large as 1000 to 2500 sq ft for a more expansive koi habitat.

The cost of building a pond varies based on the size, design complexity, and materials used. Small ponds can cost as low as Rs 3 lakhs, while larger, more elaborate designs can run up to Rs 25 lakhs. The additional monthly maintenance expense ranges from a few thousand rupees and more depending on the pond size, number of fish and other paraphernalia. It includes supplies for cleaning and filtration.

Syed Fahad laying at rest any concerns about a pond at home hindering family vacations, says, the pond can be maintained even when the entire family is away by meticulous planning and deploying automated systems like timers for feeding and filtration. It’s advisable to have a professional service check on the pond periodically during extended absences, he adds.

Drawing upon over a decade long experience and executing over a hundred projects, we crafted a marvel of the creation of the waterfall Koi Pond, recently at My Home Ankura. The breathtaking water body is a harmonious blend of meticulous hardscaping and thoughtful landscaping, reflecting the immense skill and effort deployed to craft such a stunning aquatic feature, says Syed Fahad. Aqua StudioX specializes in creating crystal-clear natural koi ponds and our design ethos shines through every detail of this masterpiece, from the carefully placed rocks to the lush greenery, artfully integrated around the pond. This showcase highlights not only the beauty of water features but also the transformative power of thoughtful design in outdoor spaces. Residents and visitors alike are awestruck by the serene beauty that now graces the villa at My Home Ankura, he adds.