Virasaat a luxury

Indore, 30th October 2023:Mrs.SuchitraDhanani along with Mrs.SadhnaVyas and Mrs.MadhaviMandloiZamindar today announced the beginning of the festive exhibition ‘Virasaat’ at the Sapphire Hall at Sayaji Indore. The two day’ exhibition showcased the masterpieces and artistry expertise of the handicraft and artwork showcased by them. The original idea of exhibiting these masterpieces is to primarily promote traditional and contemporary artwork, handicrafts and textiles.

Mrs.SuchitraDhanani on the occasion said; “My personal liking and the interest in exploring the traditional cultural heritage is the idea behind this exhibition today. Zardosi’s work, embroideries, potli designs and rich wall frames are my personal likings which inspired me to do this exhibition and get masterpieces from across the country to offer the people of Indore. I envision this as that during the festive times it is always better if we weave our house and décor along with traditional vibes and Indian culture.”

Virasaat, in its first season, has brought traditional textiles, hand-printed sarees, Kurtas, scarves, zardosisarees, sherwani buttons made out of zardozi, and single decorative frames with rich effects. This embarks the journey and lead to inspiring these self-made women to get more heritage from across the country to the masses of Indore.