Vinod Cookware

Mumbai, 16th April 2024: Vinod Cookware, a leading name in kitchenware, introduces the latest Triple Pressure Cooker Combo Sets under its Platinum Range with a common Lid. The innovative combos include the pairing of a 3-liter Pressure Cooker and a 2-liter (Mini) Pressure Cooker, both equipped with a shared lid, at Rs 6470/- as well as a 5-liter pressure Cooker paired with a 3.5-liter (Junior) Pressure Cooker, priced at Rs 7895/- with a common lid. Notably, customers can enjoy a cost-saving of Rs 300/- when purchasing a Combo Set. These sets boast a Triple-Layer Construction with SAS Metal, ensuring durability and versatility for a wide variety of dishes. The cookers are ISI and CE certified, backed by a 24-month warranty, providing customers with a safe and efficient cooking experience. With features like sustainable, hygienic, and faster cooking, and a fusible safety valve, the Platinum Cookers Combo Sets are set to revolutionize modern kitchen experiences.

The Platinum Cookers Combo Sets are designed to offer a convenient and efficient cooking solution for households, promoting faster and healthier cooking practices. The common outer lid makes this combo set the perfect choice for contemporary minimalist kitchens supporting storage efficiency.

With 3-times the safety features, including the Gasket Release System (GSR), fusible safety valve, and safe lock system, there is a special focus on maximum safety in the kitchen, enhancing user confidence and ensuring a secure cooking experience. Customers can choose from two variants – the pairing of a 3-liter Pressure Cooker and a 2-liter (Mini) Pressure Cooker as well as a 5-liter Pressure Cooker coupled with a 3.5-liter (Junior) Pressure Cooker, both equipped with a common lid.

Available offline, these Combo Sets are accessible on the official brand’s website and Amazon, allowing more customers to benefit from the advanced features of Vinod’s Platinum Cookware.

Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Director of Vinod Cookware, expressed his excitement about the new Triple Pressure Cooker Combo Sets, stating, “We are thrilled to launch these innovative Combo Sets under our Platinum Range, offering a perfect blend of efficiency and safety. At Vinod, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and these new additions reflect our commitment to delivering top-notch kitchenware solutions. Designed with a steadfast commitment to customer safety and convenience, Vinod Cookware ensures that these Combo Sets offer customer-friendly features, making them the ideal choice for every kitchen. Coupled with an attractive pricing strategy, we are confident they will be well-received in the market.