Unleash the Culinary

With the vibrant hues of red and gold, One China Pune comes alive with the spirit of the Dragon Food Festival! One China, the renowned culinary destination, is excited to announce the Dragon Food Festival at its Tingre Nagar and Pimple Saudagar locations. This festival promises an enchanting experience for food enthusiasts, bringing together a diverse menu, captivating ambience, and culinary expertise. The festival is offering a feast for the senses till March 31, 2024.

Crafted by the culinary maestros at The House of Malaka Spice, the Dragon Food Festival menu is a carefully curated selection of gastronomic wonders. Explore an array of dishes, each boasting a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Some highlights from the menu include, sian Style Water Chestnut Veggie Cakes, Chinese Style Chicken & Prawn Cakes, Mapo Tofu Chicken, Green Bean Noodles Tofu. But wait, there’s more! Indulge your sweet tooth with Eggless Coffee Flan, the perfect finale to conclude your meal on a delightful and sweet note.

The festival promises a world where the mystical and the culinary collide! Our venues are transformed into a haven of delight with handmade origami dragons gracefully suspended from the ceiling. The ambience is designed to transport diners into a realm where the spirit of the dragon reigns supreme.

Join us for an extraordinary blend of flavors, ambiance, and creativity that promises an experience like no other.

Where: One China by Malaka Spice

When: Till 31st March 2024

What: Dragon Food Festival


+91 9890040008 One China Pimple Saudagar

+91 7498293147 One China Tingre Nagar

Price: A La Carte