New Delhi,11th January 2024: Union Bank of India has been bestowed with Global Banking and Finance Awards 2023 for Excellence in Innovation under the following categories:

Voice Banking Implementation 2023: for Union Voice Assistant (UVA)
WhatsApp Banking feature India 2023: for UVConn
Virtual Banking India 2023
The awards program reflects the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the Global Financial Community. The awards were created to recognize companies that are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial world.

Upon acknowledging this achievement, Mr. Nitesh Ranjan, Executive Director of Union Bank of India, stated, “The Bank’s conversational banking initiative represents a significant stride in advancing customer service. This award symbolizes the Bank’s persistent commitment to utilizing technology to improve the customer experience.”

Mr. Anil Kuril, Chief Technology Officer of the Bank said that “UVConn and UVA represent the outcome of the Bank’s ongoing endeavors to promote inclusive and user-friendly banking. This recognition affirms our commitment to reshaping the banking sector through the strategic integration of technology. The Bank remains dedicated to harnessing technology and venturing into new frontiers in banking, introducing innovative and customer-centric solutions.”UVConn provides a comprehensive range of banking services, including Account Services, Loan Services, Debit Card & Credit Card services, and more. These services are available in 7 different languages for the convenience of the Bank’s customers. Access to UVConn services can be initiated by sending “Hi” to the Bank’s WhatsApp Business Number at 9666606060.

UVA, introduced on Amazon Alexa, utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to provide customers with an innovative means of accessing banking services through voice commands within the comfort of their homes. Additionally, UVA serves as a platform through which the Bank communicates its latest offers and schemes. This technology is particularly advantageous for customers with disabilities or impairments who may encounter challenges while using conventional banking channels.