TVS Racing Thrills

Chandigarh, 28th May 2024: Being at the forefront of nurturing racing talent since 1982, TVS Racing has returned with its eighth edition of TVS Young Media Racer Program (YMRP) at Madras International Circuit (MIC). The selection round for the category successfully wrapped up with the fastest 16 racer representing young journalists from across the country. Since 2017, this program has been pivotal in nurturing racing talent, reflecting TVS Racing’s dedication to promoting motorsport in India and training young media enthusiasts passionate about racing.

Key highlights from the program include–

• TVS YMRP offers young racers a platform to experience the thrill of racing in a safe environment and compete for the prestige’s TVS One Make Championship which run alongside Indian National Motorcycle Championship

• Fastest 16 riders from 39 participants raced to become this season’s racers at the selection round of TVS YMRP 8.0 at MIC, Chennai

• TVS Racing training academy level -1 program included full-day rigorous training covering theory & practical sessions trained by the TVS Racing champions

• Fastest 16 racers will compete for the prestigious TVS India One Make Championship Young media program category, which run alongside Indian National Motorcycle Championship

• The selected racers to ride the race-spec TVS Apache RTR 200 4V in the media category throughout the entire season

• Over the years, the program has enhanced the racing skills of more than 200 journalists, some of whom are now taking part in several racing formats.

• Creating benchmarks in safety for its racers, first time in India, TVS Racing introduced Alpinestars Air bags Tech Air 5 & FIM Homologated helmets, as used by MotoGP racers, for the participants of TVS YMRP

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vimal Sumbly, Head Business – Premium, said, “TVS Motor Company (TVSM) with a racing legacy of over 4 decades, has played a crucial role in democratizing motorsports in India and is dedicated to fostering talent on a global scale. Positioned at the forefront, TVSM consistently strives to support and nurture young racers, making racing more inclusive. TVS YMRP offers specialized training to media enthusiasts with a passion for racing, becoming a highly anticipated event among media professionals who share enthusiasm for the sport. Witnessing the participants’ enthusiasm and dedication during the selection round is truly inspiring. We are confident that the forthcoming training sessions will further develop their skills and performance. We wish all the riders the best of luck this season.”

TVS YMRP participants suited up in top-of-the-line safety gear that have been designed under the partnership between TVS Racing and Alpinestars, as announced late last year.


1. FIM homologated helmet 22.06

2. Carbon fiber shell: Multi-layer composite construction bonded together with advanced epoxy resin to maximize strength, mechanical performances and weight ratio

3. Aero dynamic: Overall helmet shape developed for aerodynamic efficiency and stability, Race spoiler and winglets further reduce drag by 4.54%


  • An active electronic system that features six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers)
  • Crash algorithm that leverages AI to accurately monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of a crash
  • Reaction of Air bag opening with-in 30 millisecond
  • Developed from years of research with over 50% of the world’s top MotoGP racer

As India’s leading racing brand, TVS Racing pioneered the One Make Championship (OMC) in 1994, expanding into four categories: Rookie, Women’s, Media, and Expert. Additionally, TVS Racing organized its first-ever TVS Asia One Make Championship in 2022. So far, over 3,000 people have already participated across categories at the TVS OMC.