TSF Samvaad Film Screening 2023

Jamshedpur,13th October 2023 XITE College, in collaboration with the Tata Steel Foundation (TSF), hosted a remarkable event today as part of the “Samuday Ke Saath” initiative. This unique endeavor, operating within the Samvaad: A Tribal Conclave ecosystem, has been a beacon of cultural celebration and awareness for tribal communities since its inception.

The event, attended by Nitish Kumar from TSF, was a film screening that aimed to illuminate the rich tapestry of tribal culture, life, and history through powerful audio-visual storytelling. This year’s screening, organized and coordinated by Mr. Ashish Singh, Head of Branding & Communication at XITE College, saw the active involvement and support of Prof. Akinchan Xaxa and Prof. Amit Chaturvedi.

“Samuday Ke Saath” was initiated in 2015 with a mission to harness and disseminate the power of cinema as a medium for highlighting the cultural wisdom and identity of India’s tribal communities. The event takes place annually between November 15th-19th in Jamshedpur, bringing together diverse tribal communities from India and overseas.

The film screening, which lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes, was more than just a cinematic experience; it was a platform for building dialogue and understanding tribal identity. It shed light on the extraordinary anthropological content encapsulated in these films, offering an immersive audio-visual learning experience.

Post-screening, the focus shifts to the Samuday Ke Saath National Short Film Competition, an exceptional initiative that seeks to showcase the power of films through an alternative lens. This competition serves as an invitation to contribute to a deeper and more profound understanding of tribal communities in India.

Mr. Ashish Singh, speaking on behalf of XITE College, expressed his gratitude to the Tata Steel Foundation for their unwavering support in making the event a reality. He acknowledged the pivotal roles played by Fr. Dr. Mukti Clarence, Prof. Akinchan Xaxa and Prof. Amit Chaturvedi, whose dedication and enthusiasm were instrumental in the success of this event, and thanked them.

The “Samuday Ke Saath” initiative continues to be a beacon of cultural appreciation and an important platform for promoting equitable and inclusive cultures. XITE College remains dedicated to fostering dialogue and understanding, and events like this serve as a testament to their commitment to these principles.