15th Feb 2024, Torus Health has collaborated with Tata 1mg to create a revolutionary one-stop-shop solution in the healthcare industry. A ground-breaking move by the Torus Group, a venture of Cosmea Financial Holdings Pvt Ltd, a super app they are calling ‘Hey Torus’ is all set to revolutionize the health care and wellness sector in India soon.

Providing affordable healthcare: Torus Health proudly launched its website in the first week of October 2023, receiving an order volume of over 300 orders a day. The website, which is part of the ‘Hey Torus’ sphere, is supposed to be a one-stop shop for healthcare needs, which includes pharmacy, blood tests, and doctor consultations. The tie-up with the trusted Tata 1mg is to bring affordable, end-to-end healthcare services to customers in India. Tours Health aims to provide its users with the highest discounts in comparison to other e-pharmacy platforms.

Innovative treatment approach: Using a direct business-to-customer approach, Torus Health is looking to bring a rather holistic approach to medicine. They plan to do this by finding the right balance between medication and natural approaches by combining traditional and modern techniques to provide a more comprehensive solution. ‘Hey Torus’ is looking to embrace generic medicines, homoeopathy, naturopathy, ayurveda, functional medication, as well as allopathy to create an innovative treatment approach.

Strategic evolution: ‘Hey Torus’ plans to combine health, wealth, and education in the next stages of the app. For instance, a patient who has been diagnosed with diabetes will be offered allopathic treatment along with traditional medication and will be made aware of any habits that should be changed to improve their lifestyle. ‘Hey Torus’ will provide suitable and sustainable healthcare solutions by reducing the overall cost.

High reachability:Tata 1mg, a front-runner in the healthcare industry in India, is one of the most established and trusted healthcare brands in the country. At the moment, the collaboration with Tata 1mg is already live on the website, and it will soon be integrated into the ‘Hey Torus’ super app. Presently, Tata 1 mgis servicing over 25,000 pin codes in India, showcasing high reachability and commitment to quality.

“Super Buddies”, a term coined by the founders of the super app is all set to bring about employment opportunities while encouraging entrepreneurship across the Indian healthcare sector. The founders are actively encouraging interested entrepreneurs to join them in their journey to transform the healthcare sector in India. “Hey Torus is not just an app; it is a vision to change the landscape of the Indian healthcare industry. By joining forces with some of the most well-known and trusted healthcare brands in the market, we want to change the future of healthcare in India by focusing on quality, affordability, reachability, employment, andentrepreneurship,” said spokesperson of Torus Health