Things to buy this monsoon 2023

 monsoon 2023

1. HK basics- If you are looking for the perfect bags for this monsoon, then you need to order this, Tyler’s backpack from HK basic is the perfect choice for literally anything. The bag is made with compound PU fabric and the super quality build material provides extra comfort and makes it easy to carry for long durations during monsoon.

Material: Polyester (A brief explanation but Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is known for its strength, durability, and water-resistant properties. It is not inherently waterproof, and it will not prevent water from soaking through the fabric) Weight: 0.70 Kg Capacity: 20-39 Litre

                                                                            2 .Bayla Skin

It. ’s time to make some room in your beauty closet to fit in monsoon essential products that’ll help you beat the humid and moist weather. In the monsoon season, when harmful UV rays easily pass through clouds and hit our skin, wearing sunscreen is essential to fight skin changes caused by sun rays, such as premature aging, tanning, freckles, lentigines, and sunburns.The Avocado Sunscreen SPF 35+ with Niacinamide | PA+++ is a perfect blend of avocado extract, aloe juice, and niacinamide. Its ultra-lightweight and non-comedogenic formula offers protection, nourishment, and hydration without clogging pores or leaving a white cast.So don’t let the clouds fool you, protect your skin all year round with Bayla Skin’s Avocado Sunscreen.

3. The Tinted Story- Sunglasses during a rainy day- date go hand-in-hand, and you could play it cool with the new trendy sunglasses from the tinted story with cutting-edge polarised lenses to enjoy visual clarity and comfort under any weather conditions while keeping up your style quotient this season. Apart from the stylish options, they also have polarized sunglasses that, as Optometrists say, will offer benefits as polarized lenses work in a specific way. The wet roads and water droplets during the monsoons create tons of surfaces that bounce back the light which makes it harder to see; polarized lenses help cut through that glare which also makes them perfect for the people who love to don a pair of sunglasses while driving.

4. Good Indian- Last but not the list. If you are and your friends are fitness enthusiasts and love trekking then don’t forget to add Good Indian to your wishlist. Why? Good Indian’s sustainable and unisex activewear line addresses this challenge by offering versatile garments that are suitable for travelling, trekking and for a variety of workout environments, whether indoors or outdoors focus. It’s a perfect clothing solution, ensuring comfort, performance, and eco-consciousness during monsoon. The best part of having good Indian products, it’s designed with functionality in mind, the activewear line features innovative fabrics that are engineered for quick drying and longevity. This ensures that wearers stay comfortable and dry even in wet conditions, allowing them to focus on their workouts. The garments also prioritize breathability and flexibility, allowing for ease of movement and maximum performance.

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