The Story of Madhura

Their relationship started in an adventurous yet funny way in Yosemite. While hiking lower Yosemite Falls back in 2018, Veer fell down and broke his elbow. That made him stay at Madhura’s place for a month and during the course of that time, they both realized that they were in love! As photographers, they’ve visited many times and hiked many miles in Yosemite National Park. In fact, one of the nights during the meteor shower while lying on the top of Glacier Point, Madhura and Veer imagined how magical it would be if their wedding night looked exactly like this – under the stars! It was all written in the stars and they picked the day which happened to be the peak night for the meteor shower in 2023 – August 12!

From the bride’s timeless, elegant dress from Lace and Liberty to Veer’s unique brown suit by Onyx to the earthy color palette for the wedding party down to the cake, organic and locally sourced wedding favors for the guests, every detail complemented the mountain aesthetic and the natural hues that make it one of the most beautiful locations in the US.

The bride DIY’ed and curated locally sourced wedding favors. The officiate was Madhura’s childhood best friend. They wrote their vows and recited them to one another. While the song played “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” for Veer’s entry, Madhura had selected her wedding entry song ever since she was a child, she entered to her Maid of Honor Anindita singing “Thousand Years”.

For the big day, their invites were made by an artist. All the paintings in the invite were made from the pictures Madhura and Veer clicked in Yosemite over the years. The couple used to write each other handwritten letters during their long-distance relationship and incorporated that fun routine into their invites. Madhura got their wedding cake made by a local Yosemite baker who matched it perfectly to their color palette. The vows books were customized with Yosemite Peaks designs. Madhura’s wedding shoes had this written on them – “something blue something borrowed something old something new” which is an old custom that brings the couple good luck.

A beautiful cabin in the middle of the valley surrounded by forest was the perfect spot to spend their elopement weekend their 20 friends. They had created a timeline by every minute so that nothing could go wrong, but as they say, nature has its own ways of surprising you. This day was extra magical because of nature’s magic. The elopement day started with an amazing sunrise over the mountains, and that led them to the ceremony which was scheduled in the afternoon. Just before the ceremony, they could hear dramatic clouds roaring but it was still beautifully lit up during the ceremony. As soon as the ceremony ended, it started to pour!

They had their first dance under the rain – what could be more magical than this? As soon as they reached Glacier Point for some sunset photos, they were greeted by thunderstorms which in turn produced some incredible pictures. As luck would have it, a huge rainbow over the half-moon bay appeared! Just when we thought this was it, nature decided to put on one last color show – amazing hues of oranges and pinks for the one last sunset burn coloring the entire Yosemite orange! Towards the end, the sky cleared up and put on the most amazing star show for the couple. They witnessed hundreds of meteors as far as their eyes could see. A day that was truly special with nature playing its part just perfectly!