The Premia Academy

Hyderabad: 8th February 2024: The Premia Academy, a leading premium educational institution, recently organized its Annual Sports Meet 2023-24 – The League of Lions at the prestigious Gachibowli Stadium in Hyderabad. The week-long event was a phenomenal showcase of sportsmanship, talent, and teamwork, showing the academy’s commitment to holistic education. and its year-long focus on sports. In addition to academic excellence, the academy places significant emphasis on physical fitness and sportsmanship, offering a wide array of sporting activities throughout the year. These include basketball, futsal, cricket, badminton, kho-kho, long jump, and various track events, providing students with ample opportunities to explore their athletic interests and talents.

The event was graced by the presence of M. Sunitha Anand, a seasoned professional cricketer and analyst associated with the Hyderabad Cricket Association. Ms. Anand inspired the young audience with her valuable insights and experiences in the world of sports. She emphasized the importance of participation in sports events and encouraged parents to support and nurture their children’s sporting interests.

The Premia Academy extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, parents, staff, and sponsors for their unwavering support in making The League of Lions a resounding success. The event not only showcased the physical prowess of the students but also showed the academy’s commitment to fostering holistic development through sports and extracurricular activities.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sindhuri Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director, The Premia Academy said “We are truly pleased to witness the incredible enthusiasm and active participation from the students. The competitive spirit and camaraderie among participants created an electrifying atmosphere, making it a memorable experience for both players and spectators. The Premia Academy believes in promoting holistic development, and we eagerly anticipate hosting more events to further nurture our students into well-rounded individuals. We extend our best wishes to all students for contributing to the resounding success of this event.

Adding to this, Ms. Trupti Rao, Principal, The Premia Academy said- “We’re thrilled by the vibrant energy and wholehearted participation from students and parents in the League of Lions. We extend our sincere thanks to the parents who came out in large numbers to cheer their kids, adding immense joy to the event. We express gratitude to everyone involved for making this occasion a memorable success.