Sharman Joshi and Annu Kapoor

Zee Anmol Cinema, with its brand promise, ‘Aapki Family Ka Cinema Hall’, has, continually, delivered top-notch movie entertainment that resonates with audiences across the country. Their commitment to bringing fresh content along, with their efforts to provide captivating experiences has firmly established them as the go-to destination for families. Taking another leap in that direction, the channel has just dropped the trailer of the much-awaited Sharman Joshi and Annu Kapoor starrer ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’, which the audience can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Produced by Vinod Bhanushali, Kamlesh Bhanushali, Deepak Diwan and Sampat Singh Rathore, ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’ is directed by debutante Abhinav Pareek and will premiere sabse pehle TV par on Zee Anmol Cinema on 18th November. Going beyond the trend of movies coming to theatres or OTT, Zee Anmol Cinema aims to bring the magic of cinema to television screens with this film.

Sab Moh Maaya Hai is a refreshing take on the ups and downs of life, job struggles, and the special bond between a father and son. Sharman Joshi plays the role of a man desperate to find a government job. On the other hand, the versatile Annu Kapoor essays the character of a government employee on the cusp of retirement.

Sharman Joshi said, “This film is special in so many ways. It’s a blend of humor and sentiment that is bound to strike a chord with the audience. ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’ touches on the harsh reality of unemployment and the lengths a person can go to secure a government job. My character embodies the struggles and desperation many faces in their pursuit of employment. But ultimately, it’s a heartwarming tale of redemption, realizing the value of family, and the lessons we learn along the way, all wrapped in a humorous package”

Annu Kapoor said, “As an actor, I have played the role of a father several times but this is something very different. The film delves into the complexities of a father-son relationship, portraying the love, the conflict, and the sacrifices that come with it. It’s a story that resonates with many, and my character, the father, is a reflection of the unspoken love that parents have for their children.”

Director Abhinav Pareek said, “’Sab Moh Maaya Hai’ is my debut and it was nothing short of incredible. The film explores the quirks of human relationships and the evergreen theme of family love. I wanted to create a narrative that not only entertains but also makes the audience reflect on the choices we make in our lives, especially in the context of family. The film’s balance of humor and poignancy makes it a unique experience, and I’m thrilled the release will offer a wider audience the chance to connect with the story.”

Ram Naresh Mishra, a humble peon on the brink of retirement, dreams of a government job for his son, Piyush. An insurance agent, Piyush struggles to secure any civil post. Their daily clashes over this hunt reveals their deep-rooted frustrations. The story takes a turn when Piyush learns of his friend Raju’s unexplainable government job through the ‘Anukampa Yojana’. Piyush puts forward a shocking idea asking his father to die in order to get his job. This raises the temperature for Mishra ji, he eventually agrees but with a wager; putting forward his desire to have his “terahvi” before his actual death. What follows is a series of humorous yet realistic take on the struggles & bonding of this middle-class family.